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Trying to separate the greatest people search sites from the less-than-great ones may be rather daunting with so many people searching sites praising themselves as the best. Furthermore, the abundance of people search sites does not make it any easier.

To provide you with the most thorough, accurate, and thorough search reports, we have hand-picked the most reputable people search websites after carefully monitoring and assessing them for a while.

The people search websites included in our list of the top people search engines today are the most useful for many purposes, including helping you find an old friend, discover family members, confirm business connections, confirm acquaintances, and more.



6 Best People Search Sites on the Market

  1. TruthFinder: Best People Search Site Overall
  2. Intelius: Best for Detailed Reports
  3. Instant Checkmate: Great for Criminal History Check
  4. PeopleFinders: Best for Ease of Use
  5. Spokeo: Cheapest People Finder Site
  6. US Search: Oldest People Search Site Engine

TruthFinder: Best People Search Site Overall


  • Detailed reports
  • Dark web scan is accessible
  • Easy to understand and utilize
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Freephone customer service
  • A variety of search possibilities


  • Costly

TruthFinder, which debuted in 2015, may not be one of the more established people search sites, but it has quickly become one of the most well-known people search sites in existence today.

With over 60,000 verified 5-star ratings, it would seem that TruthFinder is one of the most reliable people search sites out there. An A+ BBB rating adds even more legitimacy to their reputation.

Usability: 4.9/5

TruthFinder is one of the simplest people search sites available because of its clean design and intuitive UI. In essence, the whole website is logically structured on its first web page, making searches on people search sites simple.

In addition to people search sites, there is a mobile app for Android devices, which means that you can do a search at any time and quickly learn information about a familiar face regardless of where you are.

Features: 4.9/5

TruthFinder is one of the leading people search sites, offering a variety of ways to do a search, including a people search, public records search, background check, and reverse phone lookup. The person's name, mobile number, e-mail address, or even location might be used for this.

You may use the People search sites and background search to confirm an online date, track out lost relatives, investigate a potential roommate, or even look up your own name to see what shows on a background check.

TruthFinder is one of the leading people search sites, examining millions of public data to provide you with the most comprehensive view of a person's criminal history, arrest records, public records, and more to keep you safe.

Due to the world's current digitalization, identity theft is a pretty common occurrence. You may run a dark web scan to be sure that your information isn't being utilized for illicit purposes by online cyber criminals.

In actuality, the scan not only searches but also keeps an eye out for potential identity theft in the future.

What TruthFinder Can Uncover: 4.9/5

TruthFinder's ability to sift through millions of public documents makes it one of the most comprehensive people search sites.

Among the details, you could learn from a thorough report on people search sites like TruthFinder are:

  • Education history
  • Dating profiles
  • Birth & death records
  • Contact information 
  • Traffic offenses
  • Social media accounts
  • Location history
  • Employment history
  • Criminal history
  • Arrest records
  • Possible relatives & family members
  • Dating site profiles

Pricing: 4.7/5

Among people search sites, TruthFinder may be the most expensive, though it may not be the costliest. TruthFinder is a good choice amongst people search sites if you want reports that are of great quality and contain a lot of information.

However, if you just want to learn the bare minimum about a new caller, TruthFinder's reverse phone search is completely free.

Price breakdown:

  • 1-month unlimited reports – $28.05/mo
  • 3-month unlimited reports – $23.28/mo (Power Users – Billed at $46.56 every two months) 

FCRA Disclaimer – TruthFinder does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening.



Intelius: Best People Search Site for Detailed Reports


  • Around 20 billion public documents as sources
  • Really thorough reports
  • Large public records database
  • Several search options
  • Easy to use interface
  • Swift transitions
  • Reputable and receiving high rating


  • Only for the US

Since its founding in 2003, Intelius people search has earned a solid reputation as one of the top people search sites in the industry.

Intelius may be the ideal choice if you're seeking a flawless daily people search site. The Intelius search engines search through millions of pieces of data, providing you with a solid foundation from which to learn a ton of details about your potential date or new neighbor.

Usability: 4.9/5

Intelius stands out among other people search sites with its user-friendly website design, basing its whole philosophy on simplicity. The search criteria are right away visible on the first page, along with intuitive cues for what to enter for an easy and stress-free search.

People search sites seem to do an excellent job of presenting the information in easily consumable chunks, which makes it easy for you to select appropriate results from the many public documents from which it draws its data.

Features: 5/5

Intelius is one of the leading people search sites, offering a variety of search options to maximize your chances of discovering what you're looking for.

With people search sites, you can safely look up someone by using only their first and last name to get a range of criminal information and public records. You may add the person's state or city to the search parameters to get more precise results.

You may also utilize the reverse phone lookup and address search to reveal the information hidden in a new telephone number or to locate property records, respectively. If you're attempting to acquire a mortgage, the reverse address search is quite effective.

What Can Intelius Uncover: 4.9/5

When it comes to providing you with thorough and current information on individuals and property, Intelius appears to hold its own. The outcomes can even exceed your expectations.

An Intelius search may turn up information such as, but not limited to:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Assets
  • Traffic offenses
  • Court records
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • Misdemeanors
  • Arrest records
  • Sexual offenses
  • Address history
  • Family members and relatives

Pricing: 4.9/5

A free basic information search is available on the platform. This allows you to learn more basic details about someone, such as their age or previous residences. However, you'll need to purchase a premium membership if you want more in-depth information.

The good news is that the membership costs are presently less expensive than those charged by the majority of people search engines.

Additionally, Intelius offers excellent value for the money given the variety of information it provides and how simple it is to use.

Price breakdown:

1-month unlimited reports – $24.86/month

2-month unlimited reports – $21.13/month ($42.25 charged every 60 days)

FCRA Disclaimer – Intelius does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening.



Instant Checkmate: Great People Search Site for Criminal History Check


  • Support for toll-free calls
  • Swift and accurate reports
  • Reputable
  • Report downloads in PDF
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Complete criminal histories


  • There are no single reports available.

Instant Checkmate, helps you protect yourself and your dear ones by swiftly divulging any criminal past on just about anybody.

The background check service is recognized with an A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating, providing you with some comfort and establishing its credibility as a top people search website.

Usability: 4.9/5

In order to provide you with a seamless search experience, Instant Checkmate first combines an instant search tool with an intuitive navigation bar.

You can be confident that Instant Checkmate performs an excellent job of providing even the most extensive reports in accurate form, so you won't have to spend a lot of time searching through research for details.

Overall, utilizing the website shouldn't present any problems for you, but if it does, you may contact the service's friendly and helpful toll-free phone support team.

Features: 4.9/5

There are four primary direct search choices offered by Instant Checkmate: persons, reverse phone lookup, criminal, arrest records, and lastly a prisoner search.

A person's information may be found out via the people search engines using only their name and city of residence. It also helps that you may learn more about a suspicious caller by using simply their phone number, which can reduce tension.

Instant Checkmate's criminal records search is its most impressive function, since it thoroughly examines a mountain of data. The greatest aspect is that you can categorize and sort through criminal history checks according to city, state and even zip code.

The prisoner search also provides a fast overview of the nation's prisons, jails, and other detention facilities for persons trying to get in touch with long-lost family members or acquaintances who may have been behind bars.

What Instant Checkmate Can Uncover: 4.8/5

Instant Checkmate is a background check tool that does much more than just reveal criminal history.

Here are a few facts that Instant Checkmate could be able to reveal:

  • Weapon permits
  • Court records
  • Phone number
  • Relatives
  • Felonies
  • Location History
  • Address history
  • Social media profiles
  • Arrest records
  • Birth and death records

Pricing: 4.8/5

Even while Instant Checkmate offers somewhat more expensive membership choices than its main rivals, it still provides an excellent balance between cost and value, particularly if you're committed for a long time.

Only, you won't be able to buy a single report, and downloading reports in PDF will cost you an additional $1.99, which isn't too awful for a concrete point of reference.

price breakdown;

FCRA Disclaimer – Instant Checkmate does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening.



PeopleFinders: Best People Search Site for Ease of Use


  • Offers a variety of information on people
  • May be helpful for locating missing friends or family
  • Background checks on prospective workers may be conducted
  • A user-friendly interface


  • Certain information might be costly to obtain
  • There’s a chance that the data is not correct or current
  • May violate someone's privacy without that person's permission
  • Some information could be private and shouldn't be made public

PeopleFinders offer a free basic information search that allows you to learn more basic details about someone, such as their age or previous residences. However, you'll need to purchase a premium membership if you want more in-depth information. It’s a well-known people search website that offers a wealth of information on people, including contact details, criminal histories, and background details.

PeopleFinders sites may allow users to look up persons using the website's user-friendly name, address, or mobile number search function. PeopleFinders is helpful for locating missing friends or family members, checking the backgrounds of prospective co-workers or love partners, and more.

Usability: 5/5

PeopleFinders is often regarded as being simple to use. PeopleFinders allows users to easily look up persons by name, address, or mobile number. The results of the search are displayed in an easy-to-understand and well-organized manner.

For a more focused selection, users may filter their search results. Users may more readily find the data they need thanks to the website's many search options, which include the ability to look up persons by geography, age, or even criminal history. 

PeopleFinders is accessible to users with a broad variety of technical abilities because of its overall user-friendliness and simplicity of navigation.

Features: 4/5

Similar to Intelius, PeopleFinders enables you to look up persons by name, phone number, or address. 

By using PeopleFinders to perform a reverse phone search, you can put an end to worrying about mysterious calls. Reverse address functionality on the website also enables you to locate someone or discover local neighborhood history. 

Furthermore, if you get an email and want more information about the sender and the location of the email, the free email search tool is your greatest friend.

Let's now discuss accuracy. Accuracy is the one thing you can count on inPeopleFinders reviews. We'll award the website an A grade.

The website offers sufficient information at no cost. Finding friends was faster and simpler than I had anticipated. The results revealed the most practical methods of contacting them. That included contact information, previous addresses, and family members. A directory of their neighbors, complete with contact information, was also provided.

What PeopleFinders Can Uncover:

PeopleFinders may discover a variety of details about people including

  • Contact Information: This might contain a person's name, present and former residences, contact information (phone and email), and more.
  • Background Information: This may contain criminal histories, arrest histories, and background data like work and educational background.
  • Property records: This may contain details regarding real estate a person owns, such as the location, the kind of property, and the owner's name.
  • Public record: Records of divorce, marriage, and bankruptcy may be included in this.
  • Social media profiles: PeopleFinders can look up a person's social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • Relatives and associates: PeopleFinders may provide details, such as names and contact information, about a person's family and acquaintances.

It's crucial to keep in mind that not all data is available to everyone, and some of it may not be true or current. Additionally, certain information could be private and ought not to be made public.


Paid options are available from PeopleFinders:

  • Monthly subscription – $24.95
  • Individual reports – $1.95

Even if PeopleFinders is one of the most popular people searches, there are certain warning signs. First off, there are some questions about its data-collecting openness. The specifics of a person's social network accounts are also seldom, if ever, available online.

Individual reports may be purchased, which is an option that few businesses provide. If you're on a tight budget and merely doing single searches, we recommend that.

FCRA Disclaimer – PeopleFinders does not provide Consumer Reports and is not a Consumer Reporting Agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Do not use this information for consumer credit, employment, or tenant screening.



Spokeo: Cheapest People Finder Site


  • Affordable and speedy
  • Automatic search updates
  • Downloadable PDF reports
  • Easy to use interface


  • Restrictions apply based on past convictions

Looking for people search sites that are reasonably priced? You may have just discovered it. Spokeo appears to be the ideal choice for those searching for pretty casual information about a person since it strikes a decent mix between pricing and accessibility. The website states that it protects its data from around 12 billion records. 

Usability: 4.9/5

Spokeo has a clean UI and well-organized white spaces, which are essential components of a successful website. Let's just say that utilizing Spokeo won't be difficult for you, even if you have never used a people search site before.

The site's search assistance staff and customer care representatives seem to move quickly to address any difficulties if you run across any.

Features 4.7/5

Spokeo does not have a large number of features since the firm makes a conscious effort to keep things as simple as possible; nonetheless, it does offer all of the fundamental capabilities that are required of an excellent background check company.

A person's name, mobile number, email address, or even physical location may be used by Spokeo to locate a variety of information about them.

A reverse address check is really proven to be a terrific approach to learn more about a property, based on overwhelmingly good customer evaluations.

The automated updates, however, must be one of Spokeo's most crucial aspects. This implies that Spokeo will notify you of any updates to your report and provide you with a more up-to-date profile of your friend, relative, or connection.

What Spokeo Can Uncover: 4.7/5

Spokeo is an excellent choice for discovering in-depth, personal information since it has a more relaxed ring to it.

What to anticipate seeing is as follows:

  • Wealth records
  • Location history
  • Family associates
  • Personal details
  • Criminal records
  • Contact information
  • Social media account

Pricing: 4.8/5

We must admit that Spokeo offers good value for the money. The site is dedicated to providing you with excellent reports and quality for your investment while being the most affordable people search service available.

Price Synopsis:

Paid options are available from Spokeo:

  • 1-month membership – $19.95
  • 2-month membership – $14.95



US Search: Oldest People Search Site


  • Affordable searches for essential information
  • 25 years of experience in the field
  • Quick results


  • Minimal criminal histories
  • Expensive in-depth report

The pioneer of people search sites, US Search was established in 1993. US Search searches through local, state, and federal databases to discover mostly broad, fundamental information on individuals, making it most effective for those attempting to identify acquaintances. The people search websites might still be used to research a property, however.

Usability: 4.5/5

Despite being founded in 1993, US Search has evolved with time thanks to its perfect user interface and step-by-step instructions for doing searches using someone's name, mobile number, or address.

Features: 4.3/5

Fast reports are US Search's specialty; in just a few minutes, you'll have access to comprehensive search results along with full contact information. This people search site retains your reports for a full year, making it simple to access them again for reference.

What US Search Can Uncover: 4.3/5

This is what you could see in a report from US Search, the leading people search site for sifting through primary information on individuals and property:

  • Property ownership & value
  • Social profiles
  • Phone numbers
  • Employment & education history
  • Personal details

Pricing: 4.4/5

US Search is one of the most affordable charges for one-time reports, but you'll have to pay more to get reports with more information.

Price Analysis:

Paid options are available from US Search:

  • 1-month unlimited searches – $19.86
  • Reverse Phone Lookup – $1.99



Ranking Methodology for the Best People Search Sites

Several elements should be taken into account while determining the top people search sites, including

  • Database: The size of the online database used by background check sites, people search websites, and other people search engines that purport to expose "secret" information is a distinguishing characteristic of these services. More data may be revealed as the database grows larger the database.
  • Pricing: The cost of any service is a crucial consideration. Regardless of the features, quality, and utility, buyers will be dissatisfied if the price point is much over their means. Thus, cost-effectiveness was a factor in determining how each people search sites were ranked.
  • Ease of use: A website's layout and design are particularly crucial since they assure that the material is understandable and, of course, that the people search sites are simple to browse overall. Therefore, people search sites that are visually appealing, have a simple design, and are mobile-friendly performed better on this ranking.
  • Quality of Information: When evaluating people search sites, the data they provide is of the utmost importance. This covers the information's precision, thoroughness, and relevance.
  • Search capabilities: It’s essential to have the ability to look up people using their name, address, mobile number, and other details. The more search choices offered, the more probable it is that the people search sites can provide accurate results.
  • Features: Businesses who fulfilled their promises and offered a variety of useful functions and online tools performed better on this ranking.
  • Care: To assist customers with any queries or problems they may have, people searching sites need to offer a solid customer support service.
  • Accuracy: Continuing from the preceding statement, accuracy is vital. If the data is inaccurate or outdated, it won't matter how much is uncovered. As a result, while rating the top choices below, precision was taken into account.
  • Privacy and Security: To safeguard user privacy and guarantee that the data is utilized properly, people search sites should have explicit regulations in place.



What Are People Search Sites?

You can be looking for relatives you had no idea you had, or you might be just looking at a date in the future. You can quickly achieve that using a people search site. With the use of an online people search database, you may quickly trace someone by supplying the information you have, such as name, mobile number, or address.

Best People Search Websites – Buying Guide

The best people search website is TruthFinder. By searching through over 20 billion records, the best people search site delivers in-depth reports. Additionally, Intelius provides some of the most thorough contact and personal information in its reports, making it somewhat simpler to locate someone with whom you've lost touch.

Are There Any Free People Search Sites

There are a few free people search sites. However, the majority of users of people search sites pay to access reliable sources of information; as a consequence, many search sites require payment to get results that go beyond the bare minimum.

How To Find Out Where Someone Lives

Using a person's name, mobile number, social media identity, or even email address, you may be able to find out basic information about them through the people search sites.

These reports often include addresses and location histories that may be used to determine a person's residence. The majority of the time, a report would also include potential relatives and acquaintances, which you might utilize as leads to discover someone's address.

Can I Find Someone Just by Using Their Name

Yes, using a person's name alone will help you locate them. On the other hand, someone with a well-recognized name would have a massive search result set to choose from. If you knew what state or city they resided in, you might focus your search and increase your chances of discovering someone with their name.



Tips on Choosing the Best People Search Sites

The highest chances of finding relevant and reliable information on someone are promised by the most well-known people search sites.

Here are some recommendations for the top people search sites:


The best people search sites have a ton of stellar customer evaluations, which is no secret. Checking social media sites and forums like Reddit, Quora, Facebook, and others is an excellent place to start to learn what users say of the top reputation-building people search sites.

People Search Sites Database

The people search sites database provides an estimate of the amount of data one can find on a person or a piece of property.

It's critical to choose the people search sites that draw its data from a variety of databases, such as the ones we've already studied, which mine data from trillions of public records.

User Experience

The best people search websites should offer an easy-to-use user interface to make utilizing the people search websites enjoyable.

Above all else, the search criteria should be simple and quick to allow everyone, regardless of skill level, to easily locate what they're searching for.


In general, most people search sites charge around the same for their services. Additionally, there are more costly people search sites that will often provide more in-depth reports.

The facts may not, however, apply to you specifically. Given this, your best option would be to choose the people search sites that provide costs that are comparable to what most people search sites charge for affordable and precise searches.



Benefits of Using People Search Sites

The truth is that using conventional methods to discover someone isn't the best choice. You'll probably merely arrive empty-handed or with little supplies that fit inside your limits. You need people search sites for that.

Fast search:

There's no need to visit the local government or public library to look up someone and determine how to contact them. You may get the information at any time from the top people search sites.

Bulk search:

Work that requires physical labor can set you back four coffees and give you a headache if you're searching for numerous employees. Instead, people search sites are available to simplify provide you with the information you need.

Accurate results:

There’s nothing to restrict you from searching the books for reliable information. But why go through the trouble when you can use people search sites. The material on these people search sites are more recent than that found in print.

Background checks:

In addition to making it simple to locate individuals online, people search sites allow you to look up people's history information, criminal records, and other information.



Are There Any Free People Search Sites

Do free people search websites exist? Yes! Here are a few excellent instances:


Since it’s the most popular people search website, you may use it to find people as well. However, running a Google person search will take you to a ton of landing sites and search results since it has a fully loaded engine. If you're seeking a certain piece of information, it will take some time since it’s scattered throughout.


LinkedIn displays professional profiles. Most of the time, you won't even need to create an account to see someone's career history. You shouldn't visit the site if you're looking for anything private or in-depth.


Facebook can be seen as one of the biggest people search engines at this time since almost everyone is using it. Unfortunately, this social media platform is plagued with hundreds of profiles with almost identical identities.


Using their entire name and address, you may find someone using free people search engines like TruePeopleSearch.

It can perform the search function, much as other people search sites do, but only to a limited degree. If you want to track down an individual, you'll have to use one of the people search engines in the site's database.



How To Get Started With People Search Sites

1. Activate Your Preferred Service: Click "Sign Up" and then "First, Last Name, and Email Verification."

2. Decide on a Subscription: Choose your best payment option and the payment schedule that works best for you.

3. Make a Search: After activating your account, go to the search box and type in your/someone else's name, mobile number, e-mail address, social network username, and more, as permitted by the website.

4. Search Refinement: The people search sites can ask you for more information to focus your search. You may put someone's city, state, or religion here, to name a few options.

5. See your outcomes: You'll get a message asking you to see the report once your findings are available.

What Are the Best People Search Sites to Search for a Person?

Here they are, the top people search engines for quickly discovering a wide range of precise details on another person or even yourself.

TruthFinder is one of the best people search engines to begin your search due to its extensive index of public documents, flexible query options, and fast delivery of accurate results.

Even yet, Intelius and Instant Checkmate are two popular people search engines that are close by and provide thorough searches and in-depth results.

NOTE: It's crucial that you only utilize people search websites that adhere to FCRA regulations when doing tenant, employee, and consumer credit screening.



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