PeopleFinders Review: The Ultimate Background Check Solution

3:15 PM, May 12, 2023
2:07 PM, May 19, 2023
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Are you looking for a trustworthy and precise background check service? Don't look anywhere but PeopleFinders! PeopleFinders has established itself as a go-to source for those trying to find more information regarding the people in their lives because of its extensive collection of official records and user-friendly interface.

So how does it actually compare? To help you decide if PeopleFinders is the best option for you, we'll examine its features, pricing, and general performance in this review. Let's investigate PeopleFinders and see if it's worth the effort and cash you spend.



PeopleFinders Review: What is PeopleFinders?



Background check company PeopleFinders has been around for more than 20 years, and it’s clear that it has a sizable customer base. Also, it has won a number of accolades over time along with an A+ BBB rating. Using PeopleFinders isn't a difficult chore because of its user-friendly layout. This data will be examined by the search engine, which will then utilize it to conduct searches on public databases and records to generate search reports.

Reverse phone lookups or property records may be the sources of the information. One-time report creation and recurring monthly memberships are available as PeopleFinders subscription options. You might be able to locate useful contact information for persons using this kind of service to find out more about your neighbors and track down long-lost relatives

However because the business does not constitute a consumer reporting agency and isn’t a party to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the data isn’t accessible in any legal capacity. Even yet, looking for this information might be reassuring.

PeopleFinders Review: Is PeopleFinders Legit?

It makes sense to want to be sure your hard-earned money is being used wisely before diving into PeopleFinders' investing pool. And let's face it, who would not be interested in learning if this daring and intriguing platform can actually fulfill its promise of locating possibly startling information about anyone, instantly?

So do not worry, dear investor, since PeopleFinders can unquestionably deliver on its promises, as seen by the innumerable positive evaluations. In fact, we're so certain of its efficacy that we're anxious to learn more about its inner workings and its capacity to unearth specialized information that might not be easily accessible on your reliable old search engine. Read on to learn everything there is to know about PeopleFinders.



PeopleFinders Review: What Can You Do With It?

You can look up a variety of characteristics about people using PeopleFinders, including their contact information, residence history, criminal histories, social media accounts, career background, education, and more.

With this data, you can run background checks on prospective business partners or find a person by name such as long-lost relatives or friends. You can keep an eye on your online activity and manage what others can learn about you using PeopleFinders.

PeopleFinders provides a comprehensive array of tools to aid in your knowledge acquisition and decision-making.



PeopleFinders Review: PeopleFinders Features?

PeopleFinders provides a number of methods for finding people. Yes, the majority of PeopleFinders allows you to start your search with a name or a location. Some allow you to conduct a reverse phone lookup, more often known as a search based on a phone number. We were shocked to see a fourth approach, based on an email, in addition to the three already described.

PeopleFinders provides you with a list of potential matches for name searches with many possible matches, together with age and identified family members, to help you focus your search. This is crucial because many similar search platforms show you a paywall before letting you know whether your search has turned up any results.

PeopleFinders reports give a thorough picture of an individual. With a search report, you can obtain their name, past address, phone numbers, and relations. You also receive property and bankruptcy information, court or arrest records, and a search of the national registry of sex offenders when you buy a background report. 

Significantly, PeopleFinders excludes email addresses and social media handles from its report as well as details on a person's gun ownership and gun license status.

PeopleFinders offers a number of fundamental features, including

  • Individuals Lookup 
  • Criminal Records Searches, are Performed
    • Records of arrest
    • riminal history
    • Sex offenders Misdemeanors
  • Crime histories
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Reverse Email Lookup
  • Address Search
    • Address info
    • Property details
    • Property value
    • Neighbors
  • Public Documents
    • Marriage Statistics
    • Crime histories
    • Contact details
    • divorce judgments



People Search



The main allure of PeopleFinders is its people search, which may be the greatest of its type online. It returns a ton of publicly accessible data about any person you search for.

How does it work?

Enter a person's initial and last name along with any other basic information you have that can help you find them more easily, including their birthdate or general area.

What info does it return?

PeopleFinders provides a thorough report about the person that could contain the following details:

  • Identified names and aliases
  • Age, birth month, and year
  • existing address
  • Location history
  • Call-in numbers
  • Potential Family
  • Addresses for email
  • Information on one's criminal history
  • Sexual offenders data
  • Available pictures from court documents
  • Tax return
  • Using social media

Reverse Phone Lookup



Everybody has to deal with the annoying problem of getting calls from unknown numbers, including prank and scam calls. Fortunately, PeopleFinders' reverse phone lookup service can assist in identifying the callers who are making these calls. 

How does it work?

When a caller enters an unfamiliar phone number, PeopleFinders scans millions of data points to find out who is calling.

What info does it return?

All background information on a caller's identification that is available is returned by PeopleFinders, including

  • A complete name
  • Company name Location
  • Personality's age
  • Accounts on social media that are linked to the number, including email addresses



Reverse Email Lookup



Email inboxes always load up with messages from unknown senders since the spam folder is unable to catch everything. PeopleFinders' reverse email lookup provides details about an unknown email address, enabling you to determine whether the sender is a legitimate person or a scammer, similar to a reverse phone lookup.

How does it work?

Enter an email address, and PeopleFinders will search its enormous database for details on the sender.

What info does it return?

PeopleFinders provides details on the identity of an email's elusive sender, including

  • Name of the entity or person responsible for the email address
  • The email, has been used to create social media accounts
  • Information about the email sender's personal life

A useful tool that lets you check whether such a person or business is a fraudster or not is reverse email lookup. Finding out who sent you an email and why they did so is far easier to do this way than it is with a simple Google search.

Address Lookup 



The reverse address search feature, another priceless resource offered to PeopleFinders users, provides in-depth details about any US address you’re interested in learning more about.

Why use reverse address lookup?

A reverse address search is a valuable tool for any purpose, whether you want to discover more about a house you're seeking to buy without calling a realtor, find out additional information about your neighbors, or simply want to get a better understanding of a specific community.

How does it work?

When you enter an address in the search, PeopleFinders searches its records databases for details on the residence or company.

What info does it return?

Information on the home's physical characteristics, such as its construction date, square footage, and the number of rooms

Information about the persons who reside at or have previously resided at the address



PeopleFinders Review: How to Perform a Background Check With PeopleFinders?

A really easy-to-use platform is PeopleFinders. You can use it to carry out a variety of searches depending on a person's:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Area code and ZIP code
  • Phone number

Prior to using the platform, you must

  • Sign up: PeopleFinders provides third-party logins via Google or Facebook for the benefit of convenience. The next step is to register for a platform account
  • Login: You can log in as soon as your account is set up
  • Search: Simply type the person's name and location into the search field to start a search
  • Review: Then, PeopleFinders will produce a list of persons in the same area with names that are similar to yours. Other details like their aliases, ages, family, or other pertinent information will also be included. Based on these, you can locate the person you're looking for
  • View the Report: You can download the entire report to obtain access to the person's complete profile

PeopleFinders Review: How does PeopleFinders work?

PeopleFinders offers consumers an easy approach to getting information that might otherwise need a lengthy independent investigation and frequent travels to multiple places where records are held by gathering data from diverse public sources. Users now have access to a tremendous amount of information that was previously dispersed throughout courtrooms and public record repositories with just one search.

Despite the depth of information in the company's history reports, PeopleFinders only uses aggregated public records for all of its data. The information used by PeopleFinders comes from a variety of sources, including

  • Public record offices at the national, state, and local levels
  • Data on local and federal crime
  • American census data
  • Agency for consumer reporting
  • Commercial company information, such as listings of magazine subscribers and property records
  • Credit unions and banks are examples of financial institutions
  • A social media profile
  • Court documents



PeopleFinders Review: Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Per-report payment
  • 10 billion records are available
  • Several price ranges
  • Fantastic customer service
  • 95% of the information is correct
  • There are apps accessible on iOS and Android
  • Provides a trial period of three days


  • The capped number of searches per month
  • Sly pricing strategies
  • Fees for cancellation

PeopleFinders Review: PeopleFinders Cost

The typical monthly PeopleFinders cost for membership is only $24.95. In terms of the market, PeopleFinders cost is seen as reasonable, and clients also feel that it’s fair. You can sign up for a trial subscription to try out the services for less than $4. Users of the software are also charged a nominal cancellation fee and receive one-time services.

  • $1.95 for People Search
  • $3.95 for a reverse phone lookup
  • $39 for a background check

As compared to other costs, PeopleFinders cost is still reasonable and has a mid-range price. It’s the best option for anyone searching for additional security in addition to lookup services, based on PeopleFinders cost and its features and pricing range.

PeopleFinders Review: Customer Support

The customer service provided by PeopleFinders is really welcoming and helpful. To get in touch with them, call (800) 718-8997, their toll-free number, or send an email to Mon–Fri, 7 am–6 pm PST, and Sat–Sun, 7 am–3:30 pm PST, they’re on call.



PeopleFinders Reviews from Real Users - How Legit is it?

To save you time, we read through a ton of PeopleFinders reviews on the internet to discover what actual individuals thought of the service based on their own experiences using it. This will assist you in obtaining a reliable response to your question about PeopleFinders' legitimacy and effectiveness.

Customer feedback about Sitejabber








PeopleFinders Review: Alternatives to PeopleFinders




Individuals can discover information about other persons using the public online records search program TruthFinder. To find data like contact information, criminal histories, and property records, users can run searches using a name, mobile number, email, or physical address. 

TruthFinder also provides a telephone number lookup feature that may be used to find out who owns a certain phone number.

In addition to having a mobile app for easy access to search results, TruthFinder is user-friendly. But, using it comes with a price, much like other services of a similar nature.






If you're looking for a reliable background check service, this is a fantastic additional choice. The website gives users access to a variety of data, including contact information, criminal histories, public records, and employment histories. Also, Intelius has a background check option that enables customers to get a thorough report on a person. 

Moreover, Intelius provides an iOS or Android app for quick access to search engine results and a reverse phone search service. However, consumers should be informed that using Intelius has a cost and that some customers have noted inconsistencies in the data the platform provides.



Instant Checkmate



A service called Instant Checkmate allows users to search through other people's public record information and do background checks. It’s recognized as one of the most reliable and thorough background check services available today.

Despite the fact that it’s illegal to use the service for business purposes like hiring new employees, people use it on an individual level to learn more about their neighbors, friends, and even potential romantic partners. 

The website gives users access to numerous searchable databases that also include social media profiles, criminal histories, telephone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses.






Since its launch in 2006, this service has honed its capacity to provide background data, criminal records, or even leads for locating an old buddy. Over this time, the site has gained the trust of over 20 million users. 

You can use Spokeo for free by entering a name and phone number to get the most basic results. It does offer a small bit of information, but practically all of it’s illegible and obscured. Those who search through the data and read between the lines ought to be able to glean some useful information.



US Search



Among the most well-known brands in the industry, US Search provides a straightforward and efficient background investigation tool and people finder. The individuals you search for won't be aware that you’re looking for them, which is the best part about how it’s made to safeguard your privacy.

Searching through a vast collection of public documents, US Search compiles all the necessary information into a single analysis. It decreases the price of discovery while providing a more economical and effective method of locating data.



PeopleFinders Review: Things to Consider Before Using a Background Check Service

The benefits of using a reputable background check agency are numerous. In the past, it was impractical and expensive to check one's criminal background or that of a prospective employer. It’s apparent how convenient it is to have quick access to data.

PeopleFinders can be used to find more information regarding a new friend as well as to look into your own and your loved ones' pasts. If you search for someone online, you can discover their home address, contact information, and perhaps even the names of their relatives.

There is a reason why so many services will offer you the choice of exchanging personal data with the provider since people-finding tools like background investigation services are so widely available. Identifying opt-out status could be challenging.

Yet, some firms allow employees the choice to repair their online image whenever they choose, so this might work in your favor.

PeopleFinders Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Does PeopleFinders Offer A Free Trial

Although there is no free trial available, you can choose to use its trial plan by simply paying $0.95.

Is It Safe To Use PeopleFinders?

We’re aware of the significance of cyber safety and security, thus we are aware of your desire to feel confident and trustworthy while utilizing anyone's services; otherwise, you might choose not to do so. 

With PeopleFinders, you can relax knowing that no one will know you pulled a report on them because they employ SSL encryption to protect your anonymity. This is great since you can use it to conduct quite as many searches as you'd want without anyone finding out.

How Much Does PeopleFinders Cost

PeopleFinders Cost  for a regular monthly subscription to the software is a reasonable amount of $24.95. PeopleFinders'  cost is competitively priced in comparison to the industry and is seen as fair by customers. To evaluate the services, you can obtain a trial membership for a minimal PeopleFinders Cost of less than $4.

Does PeopleFinders Have An App?

They do really offer an Android app. They lack an iOS app, though, which is something they can certainly improve on given how many people use iOS.

Is PeopleFinders legal?

Although FCRA laws prohibit using PeopleFinders for a tenant or employment screening because it’s not a consumer reporting agency, the company claims that you can conduct background checks using privacy-friendly public record searches.



Final Thoughts on PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is an affordable and simple-to-use tool for finding a long-lost friend, getting to know someone new, or finding out who is calling. We preferred this option over an unlimited membership because it allows consumers with reduced usage to buy individual reports.

The monthly subscription has the benefit of including PeopleFinders' mobile apps, which automatically perform a reverse phone search and stop spam calls when they come in.



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