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3:02 PM, May 08, 2023
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Disclaimer: This is sponsored content. All opinions and views are of the advertiser and does not reflect the same of KSHB. is a stock trading app free of commission and specifically designed for novice investors. This app, previously known as Matador, provides a community-based platform where users can interact with friends and experts has an appealing pricing model and does not impose any fees or commissions on trades, despite its narrow selection of account types. This makes it a popular choice for those who want to share their investment ideas with others in the community. 

Our thorough review will help you determine if it meets your investment requirements.


  • incorporates elements of social media
  • Quick and simple smartphone app
  • The fractional share option is available
  • Order flow payments are unaccepted


  • Few options for account types
  • There are just a few features

>>Try the Best Trading Platform

Is Right for You? is a mobile application that was established in 2017. A review shows it provides commission-free trading services for cryptocurrencies, alternative assets, stocks, and ETFs. The app, one of the best forex mobile trading platforms, also has community trading features that cater to individuals who prefer DIY trading over automated or advisor-assisted investing. has a $0 minimum requirement and allows users to filter their investment choices based on their preferences, according to the review. However, it may not suit day traders or individuals seeking exposure to mutual funds or options. 

That said, the app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


The user-friendly platform of ensures the app is easy to navigate. Opening an account and submitting an application is quick and simple once you have downloaded the app and answered a few basic questions. 

A review indicates it has also launched a web version of its trading platform, but it mainly displays the same information as the app more expansively. 

Once you have logged in and funded your account, it is effortless to search for stocks and ETFs, view other users' portfolios, and start investing. 

The home page features a news feed where members of the investing community can share insights and ideas on their trades. You can also view a user's recent posts and portfolio by clicking on their account profile.

In addition, allows you to participate in sending direct messages, in conversations, or from your group chats to build a community. Our review also indicates you can follow other investors and monitor their financial decisions

To search for new stocks, enter the ticker symbol in the search bar or browse through the various categories available on These categories comprise businesses that declare their profits, recently established ones, meme stocks, space exploration stocks and ETFs, and top performers. 

According to a review, the company sorts over 5,000 stocks into themes, making it easy to select a category, examine the list, and choose a company that piques your interest. 

The platform provides ample information about each company, including its history, comments, and trends.

>>Try the Best Trading Platform

Trade Experience

Previously, the review shows it was solely available through its app on iOS and Android devices, but it has now introduced a web-based platform for asset trading and offers the best crypto exchange

When comparing trading platforms and assessing the variations between their desktop and mobile versions, significant trade-offs are involved in adapting the web platform for mobile use. However,'s app was developed before its web platform, so both platforms are almost identical. 

While the web platform takes advantage of a larger screen display for better content fitting and arrangement, the two platforms share the same toolsets, capabilities, and trading experience.

Mobile Trade Experience

While the mobile app's general flow is satisfactory, the trading experience, according to our review, is limited, unlike other best forex desktop trading platforms. Users cannot personalize their trading experience, place multiple orders, or trade directly from the chart. 

However, novice investors drawn to will find buying or selling stocks or ETFs easy. All they need to do is search for the desired security, select "Invest," and specify either a dollar amount or the number of shares they wish to invest. strongly emphasizes its community feature, which includes a feed of other investors' trades and categorized hashtags that provide a continuous flow of trading options. 

Although not directly related to the trading process, this aspect is integral to’s overall approach and significantly impacts the user's trading experience.

Range of Offerings's range of offerings is limited as it only provides an individual brokerage/taxable account and does not offer joint or retirement accounts, unlike its competitors. The broker solely supports stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrency and is unsuitable for those who want to invest in fixed income, forex, OTC stocks, futures, or options contracts. 

Our review shows it facilitates fractional shares, which allows new investors to access expensive stocks. Although the previews indicate that more assets could be added in the future, the current indications suggest that art, collectibles, and NFTs will potentially be the new additions.

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Order Types

A review as a broker indicates it has limited trading functionality, resulting in a simplistic order form. In the case of fractional share trading, a market order is the default option in the order ticket. The options for whole share buying or selling include limit, market, and stop orders, but tax lot selection is unavailable. 

However, if you are a beginner investor aiming for a passive investment approach, the supported order types by may be appropriate for your requirements. This is one reason why global trading is going to become popular in 2023.

How To Open an Account With

  1. Click the "Sign up now" button and download the app. After downloading, enter your phone number.
  2. Choose your complimentary stock or ETF.
  3. Provide your name along with a username for
  4. As you go through the application process, you must provide all required personal information, including your complete legal name, email address, date of birth, residential address, citizenship status, and Social Security number.
  5. You can either activate cryptocurrency or defer it for now.
  6. To use, accepting and agreeing to their terms and conditions is necessary.

Eligibility and Required Information

  • Must be above the age of 18
  • Name of company/organization/etc
  • Funding from an existing bank or trading account
  • You must be a citizen, a lawful permanent resident, or possess a valid United States visa
  • A valid Social Security number and a US mailing address

>>Try the Best Trading Platform Is Best for Beginners is a platform tailored to beginners' needs regarding usability, functionality, and affordability. A review shows it provides a user-friendly interface, a straightforward trading process, and commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs. It also enables users to trade fractional shares, making its app easy to navigate.

What You Can Trade On

  • Alternative assets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Treasury bills (T-Bills)
  • ETFs
  • Stocks

Account Types Available With only offers an individual brokerage account. This standard investment account allows individuals to invest in stocks, ETFs, and options.

Where Shines

A review indicates it has succeeded in making investment more convenient and approachable by providing a comprehensive range of asset classes. What sets it apart from other brokers is its expanding list of both conventional and non-traditional assets, accessible on a single trading platform. Investors can create diversified portfolios comprising stocks, ETFs, T-Bills, crypto, collectibles, and art. 

Moreover, the platform is user-friendly and straightforward to use. In addition to this, music royalties will soon be in the mix.

Buying Treasuries on

Based on the review, you can invest as low as $100 and earn a current yield of 4.7% on Treasury bills with no maximum deposit limit. Treasury bills are secure, short-term US debt securities that offer a stable rate of return if held to maturity, backed by the US government's full faith and credit. offered T-Bills through Jiko Securities, Inc., a registered broker-dealer, and member of FINRA and SIPC and held in custody by The Bank of New York Mellon.

>>Try the Best Trading Platform Premium

For a fee of $10 per month, users can upgrade to the Premium membership tier, which provides exclusive access to advanced and proprietary stock research and insights. According to a review, members are granted access to the following:

  • Expanded portfolio management tools: The ability to create personalized portfolio categories and receive notifications for self-managed pricing changes.
  • Extended-hours trading: Creating personalized portfolio categories and receiving notifications for self-managed pricing changes.
  • VIP customer support: The ability to reach a specialized support team with enhanced services.
  • Expert ratings, reports, and insights: Morningstar analysts provide expert analysis on popular assets and offer insights on bullish and bearish market trends. They ensure that all important information is included in their research.
  • Subscriber-only content: The breakdowns of a company's earnings, significant economic reports, and other related information.’s Platform Is Easy To Use

The platform is intuitive and offers detailed information on the company's earnings, significant economic reports, and other related information. They also offer:

  • Basic chart
  • Analyst ratings and price targets
  • Key metrics
  • Company info
  • News feed’s App

Investors will discover that the application is well-organized, uncomplicated, and user-friendly. The main sections of the app are a portfolio view, exploring assets and other users, a news feed with live events and educational resources, and Public Premium.

Is Legit? is a reputable brokerage firm established in 2019 and is recognized by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). If becomes insolvent, clients are insured by SIPC for up to $500,000 in cash and securities.

How Safe Is

FINRA and SIPC have registered, which means that in case of any significant issues, the SIPC insurance will protect the customers' securities and cash of up to $500,000. uses bank-grade AES 128-bit encryption and two-factor authentication to ensure the safety of its customer's accounts. TLS is used to protect sensitive banking data during transit.

>>Try the Best Trading Platform

Ways To Invest With

Based on a review, the firm is a commission-free trading platform that offers investors a variety of investment options. Here are some ways to invest with

Stocks and ETFs

A review shows it offers a wide range of investment options, including over 9,000 stocks and ETFs. With a taxable brokerage account, you can invest in fractional shares with a minimum investment of $1 and enjoy commission-free trading. 

The platform also offers various features to help you select the best investments. Investing Themes allow you to customize your portfolio based on your interests. Top Movers show which stocks have the highest or lowest daily movement, and Stock Trends compares the most popular investments to the least popular ones. caters to active traders who prefer to manage their investments independently. However, it also provides community-like investing features that may benefit other investors. offers a feature that allows users to gain insights from the trading activities of other traders and public personalities, which can assist in making informed investment decisions. Users can keep track of their investments by following other members and sharing their knowledge and choices with others. 

The platform also allows users to create chat groups with fellow investors and participate in investing events and live conversations through the app.

Cryptocurrencies has expanded its portfolio diversification options by partnering with Apex Crypto to offer digital assets. According to a review, the company introduced cryptocurrency investment on its platform in October 2021, providing access to over 25 coins and tokens. The following are only some of the investment opportunities available.

  • Algorand
  • Bitcoin
  • Solana
  • Cardano
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum

Based on another review, while using the platform to place orders, it's important to note that Apex Crypto is responsible for the transactions. Additionally, their partner holds your cryptocurrency and takes a 1% to 2% commission on each trade. It's worth remembering that if you reside in New York, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands, you won't be able to engage in crypto trading.

Alternative Assets has recently expanded its platform to include alternative assets such as NFTs, contemporary art, and collectibles. 

The platform has thoroughly assessed each investment option, taking care of storage, authentication, and other related aspects. Although the transaction fee of 2.5% is similar to other NFT marketplaces, provides a wider range of investment options

This new addition makes it easier to diversify one's portfolio by offering more choices in stocks, ETFs, crypto, and alternative assets.

Where Falls Short

A review shows it does not offer advanced charts on its platform, which is a crucial feature for several active traders and investors. To access more comprehensive research tools and insights, you must subscribe to Public Premium, which costs $10 monthly. 

Additionally, presently only caters to brokerage accounts, so people interested in margin trading or seeking tax-advantaged retirement accounts will have to explore other options.

>>Try the Best Trading Platform Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still curious about Check whether we answered some of your questions in our FAQ section.

Is Legit? is a registered brokerage that has obtained registration from two regulatory bodies, namely the SEC and FINRA, in the US. Additionally, the brokerage provides insurance coverage for securities up to $500,000.

How Much Money Can You Make on

Based on our review, the returns you receive may differ depending on your investment choices, such as stocks, ETFs, or cryptocurrencies, and the amount of money you invest in them.

Does Have Any Fees? allows its customers to purchase stocks and ETFs without paying any commission. However, a review shows when you sell; there may be some minor regulatory fees that you need to pay. 

These fees may include an SEC regulatory fee of $5.10 per $1 million on sell transactions and a trading activity fee of $0.000119 per share on sell.

>>Try the Best Trading Platform Review: Bottom Line

Suppose you're an active trader looking to invest in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies and want to leverage the knowledge and experiences of other members. In that case, is the ideal platform for you. 

Additionally, our review shows that the app provides a range of educational resources, including live events, which could be valuable for novice investors who want to start their investment journey.

>>Try the Best Trading Platform

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