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People search free public records to uncover crucial details regarding individuals who are close to them through research. This assessment allows you to investigate the past of your romantic partner, a person of interest, relatives, social circle, and neighbors. It gives you the ability to decide if it’s wise to initiate or sustain a personal bond with them.

If you need to uncover details about someone you know, BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, and TruthFinder are the top recommended resources for background checks. These services can help you to uncover general information as well as details from a reverse phone number search.



How To Search Public Records

It may be essential for you to search public records in order to feel comfortable associating with the people around you. When you search public records, you can provide valuable insights which can help to verify that people are who they say they’re.

People search free public records to review the information that is available to everyone.

Even though these records are accessible to anyone, it doesn't automatically mean that they’re fee-free, simple to obtain, or available to download on the web. For that reason, you should know how to search public records in an orderly, efficient manner.

To search public records, follow these three steps.

Option 1: Use Public Records Search Tools

To obtain more information about an individual during a background check, you should consider utilizing people search free public records tools. People search services can offer a quicker way to acquire data, such as contact details, physical addresses, and social media accounts. 

These tools are used to search public records and organize them in a way that makes them easily accessible through a search engine.

As a beginner to search public records, adhere to the following three steps.

We suggest this approach because these applications can spot all the facts you're looking for and package them in a way that is simple to comprehend. Plus, the searches can be accomplished in a few minutes, whereas the other two strategies could take weeks. If you pick this option, we recommend utilizing BeenVerified, PeopleLooker, or TruthFinder.

Here's a full list of our top-recommended services to search public records:



Option 2: Search Online Databases

To find out information about a person through a background check, you should go to the website of the relevant county, state, federal government, or court. Search through the online database and ensure you enter the full name of the person in order to get accurate results.

People search free public records for marriage and divorce documents at the county or state level. Death records can be found on the website of the local secretary of state. Immigration records can be found on the National Archives website and different immigration portals. Additionally, criminal or civil court records can be looked up at a district or county archive.

Option 3: Request Public Records

If people search free public records, such as those related to motor vehicle registration and financial documents, they may have to make an inquiry to the state or local government. Depending on the guidelines of the public body you’re in contact with, you can make your request by email, post, or complete a web form. 

Since 1967 people search free public records using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to gain access to records from any government agency. However, these records may not be revealed in certain cases, such as if the information could endanger personal privacy, national security, or law enforcement protocols.



Types of Public Records You Should Search For

If you desire to find out more details about your significant other, acquaintances, or relatives, there are a lot of open records you can examine. Here are several frequent people search free public record options that are open to you.

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage license
  • Divorce records
  • Death certificate
  • Driving history
  • Credit ratings
  • Real estate ownership
  • Rental and eviction history
  • Criminal records
  • Civil case records

The public record that is most suitable for you will depend on what you’re attempting to uncover concerning the individual. That is why we suggest you use a background check tool, such as BeenVerified, to rapidly collect all the accessible details for you in one spot. 

What You Need To Know About Public Records Search

Before beginning to search public records, it’s essential to understand if it’s the right approach to get the necessary information. If someone is conducting the search by themselves, it can take weeks to complete. Therefore, it’s important to have the initial information available before starting so that time is not wasted.

Below, we provide solutions to the most basic questions when one is about to people search free public records that should be understood before initiating.

What Are Public Records?

Documents that are openly accessible and not classified as confidential are known as public records. These papers can be obtained and read by anyone who wishes to access the information they include.

People search free public records to find documents that are created or filed as part of public law or business processes. These documents traditionally come in paper form, but a lot of government agencies are modernizing public records searches by making digital copies that can be stored and accessed via online databases.

What Is a Public Records Search?

It’s possible to uncover documents that are accessible to the public through a public records search. This can be done by those who want to gain insight into the history of someone they already have a relationship with or may be interested in forming one with. Furthermore, people search free public records to find out what information about themselves is in the public domain.

What Are the Benefits of Searching for Public Records?

People search free public records when looking into people with whom you have a personal relationship can be hugely beneficial.

  • Identification Verification: Official public records confirm the true identity of people since they display their complete names.
  • Accurate Information: Public records include individual information such as birthdate, relationship status, and address. This official documentation can verify that the individual facts that the other person conveyed to you is accurate.
  • Safety Check: Investigating the history of someone can provide information about any criminal or civil proceedings they may have been part of in the past or currently be involved in. Examining a person's background is a smart way to protect yourself and manage risks.
  • Informed Choice: Investigating someone's past using public record research can help you make an informed decision regarding commencing or continuing a romantic partnership or personal friendship.



Best 7 Public Records Search Tools

It’s possible to quickly and easily investigate those around you with the help of public records search tools. Here are the top five search tools to use for individual inquiry:

  1. BeenVerified ($26.89/mo)- Best Tool to Search Public Records 
  2. PeopleLooker ($22.86/mo)- Best for Speed and Accuracy 
  3. TruthFinder ($28.05 / 1 month or $46.56 / 2 months) - Vast information resources + Advanced search features
  4. Intelius ($24.86 / 30 days or $42.25 / 60 days) - 256-bit encrypted connection + Customer confidentiality
  5. Instant Checkmate ($34.78 / 1 month or $83.47 / 3 months) - Easy to use + Criminal background search specialization
  6. Spokeo (Custom) - Variety of data sources + Multipurpose features
  7. PeopleFinders ($24.95 / month or $29.95 / month) - Value for money + Decades of expertise

If you want to know how you can search public records quickly, you can use tools for public records searches that can help you uncover important information to confirm if people are really who they say they’re. Have a look at the features and charges of the tools in our list to select the one that fits your research requirements.



1. BeenVerified: Best Tool to Search Public Records Overall

BeenVerified is a top-notch public record search service due to its court runner service, wherein a member of BeenVerified staff visits courts to acquire documents that have not been uploaded to their website. 

You can access mobile apps for both Android and iOS. You can start your research with any facts or figures you decide on. If you pay in advance for a period of three months, you can get a price reduction. However, the website does not allow you to make individual public record searches; you will have to be a member to use it. 

Following the completion of all the "loading" windows, only the prices will be visible. People are disappointed because the reports provide fewer details than those provided by other top background check websites.


  • 1 Month Unlimited Reports: $26.89/month
  • 3 Months Unlimited Reports: $52.44/3 months



2. PeopleLooker: Best Public Records Search Tool for Speed & Accuracy

PeopleLooker is a user-friendly website used to search public records from a variety of different sources, like social media sites and directories, to give customers a thorough breakdown of information about individuals. It also offers various services like screening backgrounds, locating addresses, and reverse telephone searches.

PeopleLooker gives users the ability to rapidly and easily locate people and view their contact details, criminal history, and other private information. Although the public record data may not always be precise, PeopleLooker is a handy tool for those who need to research someone for either personal or professional reasons.

The accuracy of the information provided by PeopleLooker may be influenced by several factors, including the source of the information, an individual’s privacy settings, and the accuracy of the data in public records. 

Although PeopleLooker endeavors to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, there may be situations where the data is outdated, incomplete, or incorrect.




3. TruthFinder: Best for Value of Money

TruthFinder offers an online search service that allows users to access information on almost any individual living in the United States. It gathers data from billions of public records located in third-party databases, including both local and national online archives. The information is then presented in an organized report that is easy to view.

You can use it to find the full name, contact number, mailing address, and email address of a person in a matter of minutes. It enables you to view personal data, location history, licenses, criminal records, financial information, social media profiles, and dating profiles.

It eliminates the need for time-consuming trips to various government offices and courthouses by making the data available online.

We gave TruthFinder the highest rating among search public records tools because it provides access to a large amount of data, is equipped with advanced features, and safeguards the privacy of your information. 

It also allows you to narrow down your search results with its filters and share the data with your loved ones. In addition, it encrypts the information it sends and provides advice on how to utilize the reports in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


  • 1 Month Unlimited Reports: $28.05/month
  • 2 Months Unlimited Reports: $46.56/2 months



4. Intelius: Best for Confidentiality

Intelius is a well-known provider of public information on people and their connections to other individuals. It offers background check services which give you a better idea of the current and past history of the persons in your social circle. Its search tool scours information from various sources and compiles the data in a single location.

Intelius is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking to people search free public records and connect with new people or catch up with previous acquaintances. It can be used to determine what information comes up in a person's background check and who is contacting them.

Intelius stands out as the most confidential tool to search public records due to its dedication to protecting customers. It uses a 256-bit encrypted connection to ensure that searches remain private. Furthermore, the platform promises that the individuals who you looked up using this program will never be notified.


  • 30 Days Unlimited Person Reports Membership: $24.86/30 days
  • 60 Days Unlimited Person Reports Membership: $42.25/60 days



5. Instant Checkmate: Best for Simplicity

Instant Checkmate is an organization that specializes in background checks and is used to search public records. It offers vital data on people living in the United States, allowing you to investigate their aliases, ages, addresses, and court proceedings.

It’s possible to investigate a person's criminal history over the internet, especially if you think they have a violent background. The online search engine for public arrest records will provide information about major offenses, sexual offenses, minor offenses, and speeding offenses. This will give you an indication that the person has been taken into custody or spent time in prison at some point.

We recognize Instant Checkmate as the top choice among people search tools due to its user-friendly interface. As soon as you initiate a search, it will provide you with pop-up guidance to refine your inquiry by adding more specifics about the individual.

It also makes it effortless to delete yourself from the search database with a visible choice in the footer section. All searches are secured by a 128-bit encrypted connection and Norton Security.


Standard Membership Plans

  • 1 Month Unlimited Person Reports: $34.78/month
  • 3 Months Unlimited Person Reports: $83.47/3 months



6. Spokeo: Best for Versatility

Spokeo is a service that provides detailed public record information about people. It allows you to search for names, aliases, contact details, social media accounts, addresses, family connections, and court documents.

This tool is helpful in tracking people down and contacting them. As long as your Spokeo account is active, it will provide you with up-to-date reports. It will also add new data to your reports as new information is added to the databases.

Spokeo stands out from other tools that search public records because of its vast range of sources. This program collects data from more than 12 billion sources, including property records, court documents, historical accounts, and social media. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as carrying out background checks, finding lost contacts, and preventing scams.


  • Custom: Spokeo does not establish a specific price for its services. The cost of the subscription can fluctuate depending on the length of the use, which products are chosen, and any promotional offers that are available.



7. PeopleFinders: Best for Speedy Results

PeopleFinders is a well-established tool for finding people that have been around for a long time. It has access to white page entries and can search public records from over 6,000 sources.

It can be used to search for a person by their name, phone number, or location. Additionally, it can provide details about a person's assets, property, criminal background, connections, and family ties.

PeopleFinders earned praise for being the most cost-effective for their pricing of monthly plans. You may opt for the regular package if your requirement is limited to some basic information.

However, if you want a greater level of detail and certain additional features, the premium package is a better option as it comes at a reasonable price.


  • PeopleFinders Membership: $24.95/month
  • PeopleFinders Premium Membership: $29.95/month



Final Thoughts on the Best Public Records Search Tools

Public records search tools give you the chance to discover valuable information about the people with whom you have an existing or potential personal connection. This data can assist you in figuring out if you should establish friendships with your new neighbors or deepen your family relationships with relatives. It can even guide you to decide if you should marry your boyfriend or girlfriend or not.

There are a few acceptable choices out there, but BeenVerified is the top choice that we have looked at. It’s cost-effective, simple to operate, and you can get the data you require within minutes. Sign up right away and have a go at it with your first search to have access to the public record information accessible concerning your chosen subject.



Public Records Search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To properly search public records can be a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if you're not sure where to look. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions to give you the right information for your search public records inquiry. 

Is It Legal To Conduct a Public Records Search?

According to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of 1967, the public in the United States is allowed to search public records from federal government agencies. This law does not permit the disclosure of information that could compromise national security, breach personal privacy, or go against law enforcement policies.

Why Should You Conduct a Public Records Search?

To ensure your safety and well-being, you should consider doing a public records search to access documents that provide pertinent information about other people. These records can verify the identity and personal details of individuals, and the information they contain can help you to gain a better understanding of the background and character of your girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, and relatives.

What Are Public Records Search Tools?

Search engines or services which collate data from multiple databases are known as public records search tools. This information is then compiled into reports which are easily readable, thus making it easy for people to check the background of individuals they’re familiar with. This helps to save time and energy.

What Can I Legally Use Public Records Search Tools For?

It’s permissible to utilize public records search tools for individual objectives. You can undertake background checks on individuals with whom you have an existing or potential personal relationship, such as your girlfriend, boyfriend, neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives. As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), it’s not permissible to utilize these tools for professional objectives, such as employee assessment, credit processing, loan qualifications, or tenant verification.

What Are the Best Public Records Search Tools?

With the numerous people search engines available today, it can be difficult to identify which of them are legitimate and which are bogus. We have examined a lot of them to determine the best option for you, and we have determined that BeenVerified is the best people search engine overall because it offers a wealth of search public records sources, cutting-edge features, and safety measures. 



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