Best No Credit Check Loans in 2022 - Top 10 Personal Loans for Bad Credit with Guaranteed Approval

4:22 PM, Sep 23, 2022

Conventional loans from banks are nearly impossible for people with bad credit, which is a bummer because people with financial struggles may need instant extra cash sometimes to get by.

Luckily, online loans are available in 2022. Most lenders do not run a deep credit check on the applicants. Instead, they will measure your creditworthiness based on your regular income and current financial situation. There are many other benefits these loans may carry.

You may find overwhelmingly many brokers and platforms on the internet that could help you with your loan applications. Hence, we decided to run an extensive review and comparison to conclude the top ten. Here they are:

  1. US Bad Credit Loans - Best Overall
  2. WeLoans - Best for Very Poor Credit Scores
  3. CocoLoan - Best for Speed Funding
  4. iPaydayLoans - Best for Extensive Options
  5. US Installment Loans - Best for Affordable Interest Rates
  6. UK Bad Credit Loans - Best for Adjustable Repayment Terms
  7. FastPaydayLoans - Best for Fast Process
  8. Payday Loans UK - Best for Same-Day Funding
  9. Get Payday Loan - Best for Tailored Quotes
  10. Easy Payday Loan - Best for Short-Term Loans

Each platform has its rules, offers, and conditions. There are many factors to consider when choosing a platform to get your loans from. Of all these 10 platforms above, we can narrow it even down to the top three ones as below:

  1. US Bad Credit Loans - Best for Very Poor Credit Scores

US Bad Credit Loans is such a reliable platform for people with hard financial struggles. You can borrow up to $5,000 even if your credit score is lower than 500. Personal loans are available as high as $50,000, depending on your repayment capability.

Feel free to choose any loan type that suits your unique needs. With a fully online application and no deep credit checking, the whole procedure is very straightforward and quick. Fundings can be available within 24 hours.


  • Very poor credit scores can get approved
  • Instant cash ready in 24 hours
  • Various types of loans to choose
  • Loans can be up to $50,000


  • Interest rates may be high, especially for very poor credits
  • There might also be an origination fee and early repayment penalty

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  1. WeLoans - Best Overall

WeLoans ticks all the boxes of qualities you shall search for in an online loan platform. It guarantees ultimate safety and privacy, while also giving you all the ease and convenience of a loan application. The platform also features various types of online loans.

A few minutes after application, you will get connected to a broad range of direct lenders willing to provide no credit checking loans. Once you agree and sign a contract, your lender will deposit your money in your account in 24 hours.


  • High approval rates even for bad credit applicants
  • Fully online application
  • Quick approval and deposit
  • Guaranteed protection of data safety and privacy.


  • Some states restrict the loan services available here
  • Early repayment charges may apply to some loans

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  1. CocoLoan - Best for Speed Funding

CocoLoan is where you should go in times of cash emergencies. After a quick online loan application, funding will mostly arrive in your bank account within the same day. The platform is open 24/7, but some funding might get delayed to the next business hour.

Most lenders on this platform welcome applicants with bad credit scores, although the loan amount might be a little lower. You can even get other types of loans, including ones with collaterals.


  • Online application is easy and convenient
  • Instant decision and cash readiness
  • Plenty options of for loan types
  • Bad credit loans are available


  • Some states do not allow these loan services
  • The possibly lower amount and higher rates for bad credit loans

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How Do No Credit Check Loans Work?

No credit check loans still require a soft credit check for the lenders to measure the risks of granting you loans. However, they will not use the result to make their decisions. Instead, they mostly will look into your income source, employment status, and current financial situation to define your creditworthiness.

Who Needs Loans Without Credit Check?

People with bad credit will mostly get rejected for loans, but they have a high chance of getting approved with no credit check loans. Even people with good credit can benefit from this type of loan due to its instant process. The loans are most reliable anytime you urgently need some instant cash.

Advantages Of No Credit Check Loans

Online loan applications and instant processes are beneficial for anyone. Not to mention that your chances to get approved are higher even with bad credit scores. Furthermore, the loans may give you opportunities to improve your credit score. With flexible repayment terms, you can stay on time with your repayment due dates and get better credit records from it.

Disadvantages Of No Credit Check Loans

Most no-credit-check loans have relatively high-interest rates, which is reasonable considering all the advantages explained above. The loan amount might also turn out to be not as much as you expect. Hence, we highly encourage you to read the loan contract details from several lenders. Make a thorough comparison to choose one that is worth the most.

No credit check loans can be your lifesaver in emergency situations, especially if your credit history is not stellar. The loans are even available in various types, terms, and amounts. Thus, you can choose one that suits your needs the most.

However, you should be careful and considerate before signing any contract. Take your time and attention to look into as many options as you could to avoid wasting your money on the extra fees and interest rates.


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