TruthFinder Review: The Pros and Cons Unveiled in 2023

3:00 PM, Mar 05, 2023
3:00 PM, Mar 05, 2023
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It’s now simpler than ever to find someone with very little information thanks to social media, search engines, and other background check websites such as TruthFinder

Is TruthFinder legit? Yes. TruthFinder reviews generally recognize it as a leading expert in the industry's premier background check platforms.

The good and the bad of using TruthFinder to look up public documents are discussed in this article. For the most accurate information, trust only TruthFinder as the finest choice for a background check service because it offers competitive pricing, a solid reputation for accuracy, and lightning-fast record queries. 



Is TruthFinder Legit?

We understand that before purchasing TruthFinder, you want to read reviews to be certain of its efficacy. Or maybe you have doubts about TruthFinder's reliability. 

After all, it's quite a claim to say that you'll have instantaneous access to potentially shocking facts about almost everyone, so reading TruthFinder reviews can help. 

Is TruthFinder legit? Yes. We're happy to reassure you that TruthFinder reviews meet all expectations set forth by its description (and more).

TruthFinder reviews show that the service is the real deal. Keep reading to learn about the kinds of details that can be discovered in a TruthFinder report, how the service works, and where to go for information that can't be found using a standard search engine.

TruthFinder, which has been active since 2015, makes tracking down individuals via the web much easier. Public documents such as social media profiles, educational and employment background checks, vehicle history reports, and criminal records are all accessible via this resource.

Those who aren't near a computer may utilize the mobile app.


  • Confidentiality is safeguarded by means of rigorous security mechanisms
  • Membership packages that may be adjusted to fit your needs
  • User-friendly
  • Profound precision in the outcomes


  • Doesn't have a free trial or any reports that you can download

Whether you need to do a reverse phone lookup, a background check, an email lookup, or just a basic search, TruthFinder is the greatest solution available right now.

Given the gravity of the situation, only make use of a tried-and-true background check service. See what you've been missing out on by not using TruthFinder right now.



Is Truthfinder Legit: What Can You Do With It?

TruthFinder has several potential applications. It's easy to pick up and use, and its fundamental characteristics ensure that your anonymity is always protected. If you need to locate someone but don't want them to know you're on the lookout for them, this is the way to go.

Many people have asked the question, is TruthFinder legit? With their reviews and people-finding tools being widely available, many services offer users the choice to share their data with them. However, it may be difficult to determine if an opt-out status is in place.

Comprehensive Background Reports

Searching through millions of public data to gather the most fundamental information about a person may be a tedious and time-consuming process, in particular, if you need to find a babysitter, enlist in a carpool, or create a good first impression at your place of employment.

TruthFinder is, without a doubt, among the greatest methods available today for researching a person's history. You can find out a lot about someone if you just have only their name, mobile number, or email.

The following details may be found in background checks:

  • Profiles on social media
  • Case files, driving histories, and other criminal dossiers
  • Contact Information
  • Individuals that might potentially become roommates, friends, relatives, or acquaintances
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Profession and academic background history

TruthFinder may give you the courage to strike up a conversation with someone about whom you know very little. A person might do a self-check to determine what information about themselves is currently available online. All information gathered in background checks is given in an easy-to-understand manner.



Discover a Person’s Criminal History

This information may be obtained by searching for criminal records on the website

  • A brief rundown of what went down
  • Site of the crime and place of arrest
  • The nature of the charge
  • Details about when the crime was committed
  • Case number and name of the court

You may check to see if there are any other possibilities a person has a criminal record related to sexual offenses. Users of the TruthFinder may also find the whereabouts of alternative sexually-offending convicts in the region.

This might be an invaluable tool for families transitioning their kids to a different area and school. Assuring parents that they’re aware of any risks may help them relax.

Reestablish Family Connections

The dynamics of families are well-known to be challenging. TruthFinder may help you locate long-lost family members. Its "Find My Family" function makes it simple to locate distant relatives based on shared genetic heritage.

For instance, maybe you're really pining for a conversation with your most irritating aunt. Perhaps your second cousin has disappeared without a trace or a forwarding address or phone number. When you use TruthFinder, you can be certain that no one will be able to pry into your business or reignite past grudges.

Client feedback on TruthFinder's Find My Family service includes, "TruthFinder was incredibly helpful when my foster buddy wished to get in contact with her extended members of the same bio parents".

However unpleasant her interactions with her biological parents were, she needed their information in order to track out other relatives. This kind of circumstance inspired the development of this tool.



Reconnect With Old Friends

Connecting with long-lost loved ones is now simpler than ever as a result of online networking, even though many individuals now have profiles, they aren't all actively using them. In spite of your best efforts, you won't be able to track them down no matter how long you search. Furthermore, TruthFinder may be a very helpful tool.

Using this database of public records, you may track down people and decide whether or not it would be a good idea to get in contact with them. You should look them up in the database beforehand to make sure they haven't changed or started doing something you'd be uncomfortable with.

In addition, if you add someone as a friend on Facebook or follow them on Instagram, they will know you’re keeping tabs on them. TruthFinder can help you evaluate your options and choose the right one.

Strengthened Sense of Security

You ensure your children's safety by installing locks on the doors, making friends with the parents of their classmates, and keeping a close eye on their return from school.

Additionally, there's the possibility that you have irreplaceable personal property that you'd want to see safeguarded after your death. There’s widespread concern about the safety of the neighborhood where people live.

If you're moving to a different part of the country, or maybe simply received some new neighbors, TruthFinder might be a useful resource for learning more about them and gauging your sense of safety in the new community.



Know Your Date

Nowadays, in the context of dating scenarios, one really can not err on the side of too much caution. 

When communicating with someone online results in instant chemistry, the apparent next step is to get together face to face. You and your date should feel completely at ease and secure while out of town.

Before going on a date, you may use TruthFinder to find out a lot of information about your possible partner. TruthFinder is a convenient way to learn as much as possible about a prospective date before ever meeting them.

You may check someone's criminal record before you become serious with them romantically. In case the person you’re out on a date with has changed their name regularly or has relocated frequently, It's possible that they’re not who they claim to be.

TruthFinder has a leg up since it doesn't have to guess the answers to these questions. Your date will go more smoothly if you take the time to prepare beforehand and bring some interesting topics of conversation.

Improve Your Online Reputation

TruthFinder's person-finding capabilities are twofold: you may use them to connect with new people, and they can do the same for you. Anyone can get your facts with only a quick Google search, so be honest and constructive in your presentation.

You have control over how much of your life you make public, despite the fact that information put online could always be accessible.

All of us have evolved since we initially updated our Facebook profiles a decade ago. TruthFinder has the ability to assist you in locating outdated or humiliating postings on your social network sites so that you may erase them.

Applying for a job may be stressful enough without having to worry about a smear campaign against you. TruthFinder can help. Make sure everything adds up, and keep an eye out for any historical allusions you may have missed. This is quite comparable to receiving a paper credit report and doing a few tiny changes to it.



TruthFinder Features

Dark Web Scan

Insofar as the dark web is concerned, it’s disturbing, and for this reason, people do not want their personal information to be accessible there. There’s so much material on the dark web that people want to examine it to make sure their information isn't available there.

The good news is that they can do just that with the help of TruthFinder's Dark Web Scan. This feature was created to help people figure out whether they have been the victim of identity theft or whether any of their personal data on them has been stolen or leaked.

As a result of increased globalization and interdependence online and when an increasing amount of items are changed to digital forms, stealing one's identity is a legitimate cause for concern that people must take seriously. It's become a major risk to people's privacy and the private details of their life.

Thankfully, this feature was added to TruthFinder with the express intention of assisting users. Furthermore, users may refine their searches on the dark web to zero in on specific areas of their own personal information, giving them greater agency over the outcomes of their investigations.

This efficient approach of searching may assist you in finding your data. Some of the available options are as follows:

  • Details about how to get in touch
  • Cards, both credit, and debit
  • Numbers associated with bank accounts
  • Telephone number
  • A valid license for driving
  • Number of a passport
  • The number to call
  • Individual health records
  • Assigned social security number
  • Membership or store gift cards



TruthFinder Customer Support 

TruthFinder's customer service is excellent, albeit the organization could stand to have more support professionals on hand at all times. A real person will be available to take your call from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Is TruthFinder a legit website that offers customer support? Despite some drawbacks, clients still have access to support for twelve hours every weekday, which is more than what is offered by many other companies.

TruthFinder's support is only available during business hours, so if you have a question on the weekend or at night, you'll have to consult the FAQ section, which does provide some helpful information and answers.

It's possible that the answers to your question ‘Is TruthFinder legit’ and other concerns may be found there, saving you the trouble of contacting customer support.



Safety and Security With TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a website that has access to a lot of people's personal information, thus protecting that information is crucial. In a heartening turn of events, TruthFinder excels in this area.

All data sent over the network is encrypted before it is sent. This ensures the safety of the data they have on you as a customer.

TruthFinder also conducts regular reviews of the website for suspected unlawful actions like hacking because of the extensive data at their disposal. This protects sensitive customer data from being leaked to unauthorized parties and prevents scammers from tampering with it.

That’s to say, your personal information and the information provided by TruthFinder are both secure and accurate because of the measures taken by the company.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Those curious about the identity of a certain phone number's owner may do so using the "reverse phone lookup" feature.

This feature is widely recognized as a leading expert and most common on the list due to the prevalence of unsolicited phone calls from unknown numbers. It's always a good idea to learn more about who the owner is when anything like this happens.

Because it can access public documents, TruthFinder has all the information it needs to complete its work. The service's ease of use and simplicity in identifying the owner is enhanced by the fact that customers need to give no additional information but the phone number.

Information like the owner's name and any other identities or aliases they use can turn up in a search. Further, a photo of the person in issue may be seen at any time. Lastly, anyone will be able to get a list of names of former owners of that phone number.

All of this information may be used to one's advantage if one is interested in discovering who is contacting them and, presumably, why.



TruthFinder Reviews From Real Users – Is TruthFinder Legit?

For your convenience, we read through a ton of internet TruthFinder reviews to learn more about how actual users felt about the service. To learn more about whether TruthFinder is a reliable service and if it’s authentic, you may use this information.

Feedback from Sitejabber users on the accuracy of TruthFinder. Is TruthFinder legit? Over 300 Consumer Affairs users have given the company a 4.5/5 rating, indicating that it’s likely legitimate.

Is TruthFinder legit? The Better Business Bureau has praised the business for its helpful customer service and trustworthy content, and the glowing testimonials on the website's homepage indicate that this is indeed the case.

Some may criticize the service for being too saturated with ads, but is TruthFinder legit? It’s the most reliable and popular service for doing background checks that can currently be found on the internet.



Is TruthFinder Free? TruthFinder Cost

When it comes to TruthFinder, one of the most asked questions is whether or not they require payment. The answer is yes, they do charge a fee for their services. 

Is TruthFinder legit? The answer is yes! TruthFinder is the industry standard in background checks and provides excellent results for the cost.

The price of using TruthFinder is as follows:

People Search on TruthFinder is $28.05 per month. Its Reverse Phone Lookup service costs $4.99 per month, while its Reverse Email Lookup plan costs $29.73 per month. A one-time payment of $3.99 is required for access to the report files that may be downloaded. A monthly subscription to a dark web monitoring service costs an additional $2.99.

How to Understand TruthFinder Pricing 

TruthFinder is quite opaque when it comes to pricing structure. If you want to find out the cost of the service, you will have to do a background check on yourself first, and then wait a few minutes for the report to be prepared after that.

There’s no alternative way to get such details. After then, in order for you to see the report you wish, a pricing page will be shown. Unfortunately, this is the norm, as shown by the fact that even Instant Checkmate publishes its costs in this manner.

Instead of paying a one-time cost for a background check, TruthFinder requires a monthly membership. With this subscription, you'll have access to unlimited reports. The price is $28.05, or $46.56 for two months, which averages out at only $23.28 monthly.

Periodically, visitors to the TruthFinder website may take advantage of deals like buying five reports for a dollar or getting a single report for free if they don't want to join up for a subscription. Our most current offer was shown after we completed our test search and closed the browser.

One of the most significant shortcomings of the service is that it does not provide either an annual membership with a price reduction or the chance to purchase individual reports at full price.



Alternatives to TruthFinder

Multiple websites may be consulted if you wish to learn more about a friend, business colleague, or acquaintance. If you're having trouble finding exactly what you're searching for with TruthFinder, try one of the options we've compiled below.


Since it first opened its doors in 2003, Intelius has gathered a wealth of industry expertise doing thorough background checks. Similar to TruthFinder, this website provides access to a wide range of public records on an individual, allowing users to learn more about their past and present.

Searching the site will provide results for whatever you might possibly want to know, including entire criminal records, one’s contact info, and more. The following is a list of aspects in which Instant Checkmate and Intelius are similar to one another:

  • With Intelius, you may acquire a report or search results for as low as $0.95. The monthly premiums for the more comprehensive plan are, of course, fairer, but the premiums for the less comprehensive plan are also manageable.
  • The two companies provide their respective phone numbers and email addresses for customer service inquiries. If you contact either company, you could get a response within 24 hours, but Intelius definitely has the edge when it comes to customer service.
  • Both services allow you to research a person's background, including their criminal record, public records, address, and family members. Due to sharing infrastructure, the two services should provide the same output.

Use Intellius's search options that allow you to investigate one's background or the history of anyone connected to you in more depth.




The fact that PeopleFinders indexes over a billion public papers makes it much easier to find data that’s already accessible to the general public. locate people fast and easily without paying any money.

You may locate the name, phone number, and address of anybody in the world by searching public records.

Many PeopleFinders will prompt you to respond to a few questions to help limit your search. "I don't know" is OK as an answer, but further details are needed to perform a focused probe.

  • Both Apple and Android versions of the software are available.
  • Simply said, PeopleFinders is the best resource available for a precise search.



Instant Checkmate

TruthFinder and Instant Checkmate provide similar services but with a few key distinctions.

  • TruthFinder uses public records, social media, and government databases to compile its data, whereas Instant Checkmate uses public records and social media for its analysis.
  • In terms of accuracy, TruthFinder is widely acknowledged to be superior to Instant Checkmate.
  • TruthFinder is more costly than Instant Checkmate, but it does its job better.
  • Background checks and access to public records are included with Instant Checkmate, but more advanced options may be found on TruthFinder.

Both services offer advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the ideal one for you comes down to your individual preferences and financial situation.



Things To Consider Before Using a Background Check Service

Is TruthFinder legit? TruthFinder reviews show that there are several benefits to using a professional background check agency. In the past, it was possible to do background research, but it was both cumbersome and expensive.

Now, it's easy to access someone's criminal past or that of a prospective employer. It's difficult to argue against the benefits of having data at one's fingertips.

TruthFinder can be used to learn more about one's new buddy, as well as one's personal and family history. A simple internet search using TruthFinder may reveal a person's name, residence, mobile number, as well as the identities of their family.

Many people have asked the question, is TruthFinder legit? With their reviews and people-finding tools being widely available, many services offer users the choice to share their data with them. However, it may be difficult to determine if an opt-out status is in place.

This might really work in your favor, however, since some companies allow workers to update their internet profiles anytime they choose.

Is TruthFinder Legit? Final Thoughts

If you're looking to learn more about people who spark your interest, you may use TruthFinder to do comprehensive background checks. This site may be useful if you need answers regarding a former business associate or want to discover who beat you out for a promotion.

There’s no longer a need for a central repository of public data now that free people-finding search engines have become readily accessible on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

TruthFinder is exceptional in that it’s one of the few resources that offer a specialized mobile app for data mining on social media.

Because all searches are performed anonymously and in perfect secrecy, you need not worry about being discovered. TruthFinder is revolutionary and unavailable anywhere else.



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