What Is a Background Check? A Comprehensive Guide

3:43 PM, May 12, 2023
2:03 PM, May 19, 2023
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Do you want to learn more about background checks and how important they’re? This process involves looking into a person's history, such as their educational and employment background, criminal history, and financial records, in order to determine whether or not they’re suitable for a job, residence, or other activities.

In this blog, we'll dive deep into what is a background check, its goal, and how it operates.



What Is a Background Check?

An extensive investigation into someone's personal life, work experience, and criminal past is known as a background check. It can identify an individual's full name, date of birth, and contact info. 

Additionally, it may also uncover educational background, job history, criminal records, financial details, driving records, if they’re listed as a sex offender, and any professional licenses or credentials.

The depth of the background check may vary based on the reason for it and the laws and rules related to it.



Importance of Background Checks

Personal background checks can be invaluable for people when making decisions about who to associate with. Checking for criminal activity, substance abuse, financial issues, and other potential risks can help keep an individual safe.

Additionally, it can assist in tracking down lost family members or old friends and verify their current status or whereabouts. It can also be useful in protecting someone's identity from fraudulent uses of their personal information.

Ultimately, the benefit of doing a background check for personal reasons is that it allows people to feel secure in their relationships and make sound decisions in their personal lives.



How to Conduct a Background Check

To use BeenVerified for a background check, the following process must be followed:

  • Then, input the complete name of the individual you’re searching for, as well as any other identifying information, such as their last known address or contact number.
  • Purchase the plan you have chosen and wait until the report is created.
  • To use the BeenVerified site, first register for an account.
  • Finally, specify the state in which they reside or have resided in the past.
  • Review the available pricing plans and select the one that best fits your needs.
  • Inspect the report, which may contain details such as criminal background checks, work background, educational background, and more.
  • If you have any queries or apprehensions regarding the data given in the report, you can contact BeenVerified's customer service team for help.

It’s worth pointing out that the data presented in a background screening document is only as precise as the sources it’s obtained from, and there could be restrictions on the kinds of information that can be legally acquired for private use.



What Shows up on a Background Check

Depending on the scope and intention of the background check, a range of details can be included. Generally, these can encompass personal information, prior criminal convictions, job background, educational credentials, financial status, and more.

 Examples of particulars that may be included are:

  • Criminal records: Sex offenders, convictions for serious criminal offenses, outstanding warrants, and additional information.
  • Military service: Confirming an individual's military service and separation details.
  • Employment history: Past employers, time spent in each position, positions held, as well as academic credentials such as diplomas, degrees, and certificates.
  • Personal details: Personal identifiers such as a person's moniker, day and month of birth, years of life, locations where they have lived, email addresses, social security identification, contact numbers, and other related information.
  • Financial history: An individual's credit history, including any legal claims, declarations of bankruptcy, and other financial details.
  • Driving record: Infractions related to vehicles, the standing of a driver's permit, and other matters.
  • Social media presence: Data and activities shared on websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.
  • Professional licenses: Confirming that the licenses of various professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, and accountants are valid.
  • Civil records: Financial insolvency, legal proceedings, and additional matters.
  • References: Confirming the accuracy of the references that the person gave regarding their character and job history.

It’s essential to remember the extent and kind of data featured in a background check. The extent of a background check can change depending on its intent and the local regulations that govern them.



What Are the Different Types of Background Checks

Depending on the requirements of a particular employer or other entity, there are numerous types of background checks that can be performed. 

The most prevalent forms of background checks involve:

  • Employment History Verification: This process of investigation requires confirming an individual's employment record, such as their start and end dates of employment, reasons for resigning from past roles and position titles.
  • Driving Record Check: When conducting this kind of verification, one must look into the person's driving background, including any collisions, incidents of running afoul of traffic regulations or being deprived of driving privileges.
  • Education Verification: This kind of assessment necessitates confirming a person's academic background, such as the degrees they have acquired and the periods they studied.
  • Criminal Background Checks: A criminal background check is a process of searching for any criminal activity in an individual's past, including severe and minor guilty convictions.
  • Social Media Check: This kind of evaluation includes going over someone's social media accounts to evaluate their activity and conduct on the web.
  • Credit History Check: Performing a credit history evaluation requires taking a look at a person's credit record to evaluate their monetary reliability and past debt repayment.
  • Reference Check: Gathering intelligence about an individual's career and personality by contacting their references is what this type of investigation involves.
  • Professional License Verification: When conducting this form of inspection, it’s important to confirm any qualifications or qualifications that a person possesses.

It’s essential to recognize that various kinds of background investigations can be required depending on the position or the sector in which a person will be employed.



Best Background Check Services – What Is a Background Check


BeenVerified is an online platform that provides a straightforward and convenient way for people and businesses to search for backgrounds. It provides a comprehensive database of public records, giving users the opportunity to access a large selection of search options for people, like their criminal records, contact info, and employment history. 

BeenVerified provides an economical service with a selection of packages to fit various requirements and budgets. If you’re interested in learning more about a person or reconnecting with a former acquaintance, BeenVerified is a helpful tool for background searches.

You can choose from a monthly plan for $26.89 per month, a one-time report for $19.95, a 3-month subscription for $17.48 per month, or a 6-month subscription for $15.83 per month.




PeopleLooker is a website that allows customers to do investigations through a person's name, address, number, or email address. By investigating public documents and other records, the platform produces thorough reports on individuals that may involve prison records, education, job history, and more.

The service provides different subscription models that are contingent on the number of reports you need and has a user-friendly design. Nonetheless, it’s prudent to compare various background check platforms to pick the one that meets your needs.

PeopleLooker’s background checking system provides a single report for a cost of $1.00, as well as various subscription plans with varying durations and prices. The fees for these plans include $18.28 per month, $42.62 for three months, and $69.44 for six months; however, the pricing is subject to alteration.




https://quickclick.coupons/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/TrythFinder-LOGO.jpg TruthFinder is a web-based background check program that provides access to popular records and other data sources, allowing people to access more details about individuals. People can utilize a variety of conditions when they look for data, and the service supplies comprehensive reports, including criminal details, job experience, educational background, and more. This service has various cost plans and a user-friendly interface, but it’s important to review it with other background check services to determine the best selection. The full one-month membership for TruthFinder is available at $27.78.



Conclusion – What Is a Background Check

To sum up, a background investigation is essential for evaluating an individual's past and appropriateness for a job or something else. By collecting data about a person's criminal past, work experience, educational record, credit report, and more, a background check can assist in guaranteeing the safety and security of people and businesses. 

If you’re an individual who wants to perform a background check, it’s pivotal to collaborate with a reliable background check provider to make sure that you get precise and reliable information.



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