Who Called Me From This Phone Number? Try These 10 Free Phone Number Lookup Services

10:00 AM, Oct 28, 2022
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We’ve all been there. A strange number calls, and sometimes you miss it and leave it at that, but with lots of doubt. Sometimes you pick up and it’s good news, and sometimes, it’s an annoying scammer trying to get you to give up sensitive information.

Whichever the case, phone calls from unidentified contacts can be annoying, especially when you don’t know how to trace them back to the caller.

Knowing this unknown number enables you to take the necessary action to either engage them or report and block them. So what if I told you there’s a way to find out who called you, easily and for free?

The following tools help you make your interactions more transparent by helping you conduct background checks on unknown contacts.

Here’s a list you’ll want to consider.

1: NumLooker - Uncover the details behind your unknown caller for free
2: US Phone Lookup - Get reliable information on unknown phone contacts for free
3. US Phone Search - Easy and quick way to identify unknown callers and contacts
4. CocoFinder - A reliable way to look up phone numbers and other background research
5. Spokeo - Access detailed and accurate information on unknown callers quickly.
6. The Number Lookup - Safe and secure reverse phone number lookup tool
7. Number Lookup - The easiest way to trace an unnamed caller and know their location
8. Phone Number Lookup Free - User-friendly and free interface that shows you who called you
9. Who Call Me - Reconnect with long-lost friends or identify scammers easily and fast
10. Whose Number - Know who is behind the anonymous phone call you just received


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NumLooker is a reverse phone number lookup tool that helps you search for the details of an unidentified call. Once you type your contact on the search box, it will go through the details on its extensive database and provide you with the information you need.

This could include their name, location, and even potential family members.

Besides helping you identify strange calls, this tool saves you the time you would have wasted visiting government offices for public record searches.

For instance, if you’re a business looking to transact with new clients, you can do a quick scan of their background using NumLooker to ascertain they’re a good fit for your company. You can also use NumLooker to search for addresses of properties you’re interested in buying or renting.

You can get to know the occupants as well as former owners. This way, you’ll get valuable information about places you want to occupy that your realtor may not provide.

This background check feature is especially crucial since lots of interactions go on online, which encourages fraudulent behavior.


  • The user interface is friendly
  • More than just a phone number lookup tool
  • Saves time looking for public records


  • No online support contacts

Visit NumLooker today for details on your strange phone calls

US Phone Lookup

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US Phone Lookup helps you generate a comprehensive report on your unknown caller. So if you have a missed call and are wondering whether or not to call back, you can use this tool to help you make that decision.

It’s quick and easy, as all you need is the phone number of whoever placed the call. With that, you’ll know if the caller is a potential threat or someone whose call you don’t want to miss.

The data you’ll get from this search is completely reliable. US Phone Lookup gets this data from public records, local and federal records, criminal records, social media, phonebook listings, and other verified public sources.

Also, you do not need to worry about the legal repercussions of this, as it's completely within the law to perform a reverse phone search. Furthermore, this website keeps your information safe and your personal details protected. US Phone Lookup does not save any records of your searches either.


  • The tracking process is anonymous
  • You’ll get a detailed report
  • It provides updated information


  • You may need to pay for a more detailed report

Want to locate an anonymous caller? Try this reverse phone lookup tool today

US Phone Search

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US Phone Search pulls information from social media, messaging apps, and other public records to give you accurate information on your unidentified caller. You can use this service to search for information on an unknown person or company.

At no cost, you can uncover information such as their name, gender, location, email address, and social profiles.

Besides identifying an unknown caller, US Phone Search also helps you find people from your past, like long-lost family or friends. You can also use it in business to verify your counterpart’s details to avoid dealing with fraudsters or criminals.

Its vast database integrates with different sources to provide a comprehensive profile in your final report. US Phone Search also works with other cell service carriers to collect their data.

Another upside to this service is that you can always expect to find up-to-date information fast and save time you would have spent searching for this information from different websites.

It also has advanced filters to make your search easy and narrow down your caller’s details.


  • It provides accurate and reliable information
  • You’ll get unlimited searches if you subscribe
  • You can perform anonymous searches


  • Information can sometimes be limited

Use US Phone Search for your quick phone and background searches


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CocoFinder uses the little information you have such as a phone number or address, to search for details about unknown people.

Cocofinder does more than just tell you who called. With its background research tool, you can use a name and location to find information such as criminal records, employment records, or address history.

There’s also a whitepages feature that enables you to access information about a person based on their registered telephone number. This is especially convenient if you’re looking for friends or relatives.

You can also use this tool to find the information available out there about you. This helps you make sure your record is clean before looking for employment or moving into a new building.

You can reach the CocoFinder team with any queries if you have trouble using its service. It provides a customer support email address that customers can use.


  • Provides a variety of ways to search for people’s information
  • You’ll get detailed and accurate reports 
  • Has a whitepages feature


  • Reports take time to be generated

Look up any person’s information with CocoFinder’s search tools


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Have trouble trusting someone who just contacted you? Spokeo provides a search tool that you can use to identify your unknown caller.

Since 2010, billions of people have trusted Spokeo to make their transactions transparent. It handles millions of searches every month and sorts billions of records into reports searchers can easily comprehend.

With Spokeo reverse phone lookup, you’re not only limited to searching for their phone numbers. You can search for them by name, email address, or physical address.

With access to millions of property records, court records, business reports, and social networks, Spokeo guarantees a sizeable database. Therefore, you are most likely to find the contact you’re looking for, complete with other relevant details every time you conduct a search.

Spokeo records also refresh regularly, so you can get the most updated information. If you have a subscription, the reports you’ve already accessed can still be updated and you can get more details as the Spokeo database grows.


  • Available customer service and phone support
  • Free trial available
  • Reverse phone and email lookup 


  • You’ll have to pay to get the full report

Make your communication more transparent with Spokeo’s comprehensive phone lookup check reports

The Number Lookup

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This website provides a reverse phone lookup service that uses different algorithms to find a caller’s contact information. You’ll get detailed information about your caller from different public databases.

The Number Lookup uses top-notch security to ensure you enjoy your search process anonymously and your personal details are kept safe.

Besides knowing who called, you can retrieve their other phone numbers. This way, if you do not wish to receive any more calls from a certain person, you can block all their contacts off.

These searches also reveal the social media and dating profiles of said contacts. This way, you can look them up, their activities as well as their photos.

This makes it effective to find and block spammers or stalkers. It helps you stay safe from harassment from such people and you’ll have some peace of mind.

Once you’ve completed your search, The Number Lookup gives you results within seconds, making this a convenient way to protect yourself from spammy calls and messages. What’s more? It’s absolutely free.


  • The process is quick and easy
  • You’ll get access to large databases 
  • Your browsing information is kept safe and confidential


  • Does not include a background check service

Get protection from Scammers with The Number Lookup’s extensive database

Number Lookup

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Number Lookup makes it easy to find information on an unknown caller. With just the phone number, you can easily uncover the identity of an anonymous caller, whether it’s a landline, virtual number, or mobile number.

Number Lookup pulls information from public records and social networks, to give you a comprehensive report on your unidentified caller. Then you’ll be able to determine if responding to it is worth your time or not.

The process does not cost you anything and is as easy as it gets. After typing the number out into the search box and prompting the tool to search, you’ll receive a response within minutes.

Just like most other search tools, you’ll get personal information such as name, email address, social media profiles, and names of potential friends and relatives.

This tool also enables you to conduct a background check on your subject. For instance, if you’re planning on going on a date with a stranger you met online, this tool comes in handy. You’ll be able to track their background information such as criminal history or real estate records for your own safety.


  • The website is easy to navigate
  • You get various search options including people search and address search
  • The search is free and accurate


  • Their reports are not as extensive compared to other phone lookup sites

Use Number Lookup to accurately track mobile phones for free

Phone Number Lookup Free

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Wondering how to uncover the person behind an anonymous phone number? Phone Number Lookup Free can help you verify their identity and keep your mind at ease.

It can be frustrating when you keep receiving calls from unidentified contacts. But while some are from scammers and you may get frustrated, others could be from people you actually know.

So rather than block these contacts or take any other action, how about finding out who called you first? Using the Phone Number Lookup Free tool, you can input the phone number that called you and press search to get more detailed information.

You’re likely to uncover their full names, address, and other contact information.

This tool sifts through millions of public records and social networks to find all the information associated with the number you type. You can then use their advanced filter tool to specify the information you’re looking for. This way, you’ll get a narrowed-down report of your caller or any other person.


  • The search only takes a few minutes, after which you’ll have all your information. 
  • This tool is easy to use
  • Most of the information is accurate and up to date.


  • Does not provide customer support contact information

Get free and accurate reverse phone lookup services with Phone Number Lookup Free

Who Call Me

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Got an unidentified phone call and you want some more information? Who Call Me will help you find out who called you, helping you decide on your next course of action.

Instead of picking up all unknown calls and having to deal with unnecessary scammers, or ignoring them and missing an important message, this is the ideal solution.

You’ll be able to identify whether or not your call is from a fraudster or a prankster and block them from contacting you in the future.

Who Call Me has a detailed database of contacts and other information, that will help you successfully trace your caller.

All you’ll need to do is type the number on the search box and have it bring up results. This happens fast and you can get your information in a matter of minutes.

You can get information such as their name, address, social media handles, email address, or other phone numbers if any. If such information is not displayed during your search, it’s likely a scam.


  • The service is free
  • It’s a simple process
  • Your information is protected


  • You’ll need to register to get a full report of the owner’s contact details

Get quick results with the Who Call Me reverse phone number lookup tool

Whose Number

Screen Shot 2022-10-27 at 1.38.37 PM.png

You may want to seek the identity of someone who called you whether for safety reasons or out of curiosity. With Whose Number, you can find this out on your own in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes, unknown callers can be annoying. For instance, telemarketers who randomly call to try to sell you products you don’t need. You’ll need to know who they are so you can take action, for instance reporting them, etc.

This tool helps you know who they are, giving you their personal details such as their location, full names, and email address.

With Whose Number, you can also do in-depth background research to find out their business relations, their connections, or criminal records.

This site does not track your details when you’re conducting your research. The person you’re looking for will also not know that you’re searching for their information.


  • You’ll get access to legal databases
  • Easily identify scammers
  • User-friendly interface


  • No contact details for customer support

Find out whose number is this at the website of Whose Number

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a person trace a phone number?

You can trace a phone number that’s private, restricted, or blocked using various reverse phone tracking tools. Whether it’s for safety reasons or out of curiosity, it’s legal to trace unknown phone numbers. This enables you to take necessary action, which sometimes may involve reporting them to the authorities.

2. Is there a free reverse lookup for phone numbers?

Some reverse lookup tools for phone numbers are free and include most of the ones listed above. You can use them to obtain basic information about an anonymous caller such as their location and name. However, for most of these tools, their free service does not get you detailed reports and background information, and those additional features come at a fee.

3 How do I find the owner of a phone number for free?

Tracing a strange phone number back to its owner’s details does not have to be a difficult task. The best and easy way to do so can be through a reverse phone lookup tool and some of them offer these services for free. They provide a search box where you can type in your number and generate the caller’s details.


Finding out who called you does not have to be a difficult and unsettling task. With the above-mentioned tools, you can easily get this information, sometimes free of charge. This way, you’ll avoid picking up annoying phone calls, or better yet, avoid missing the important ones simply because they came from a strange number.


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