Caught on cam: naked rampage

By: Phillip Mena

(KPRC) HOUSTON - A man accused of damaging six luxury vehicles in the Galleria area was arrested in the nude Sunday afternoon.

According to Houston police, officers arrived at W Luxury Rentals on Westheimer Rd. to find Ugo Iyegbu, 28, standing naked atop a Rolls Royce.  The windshield had been bashed in with the butt of an unloaded shotgun, and sticking out of the shattered glass was a University of Houston flag.

Iyegbu was charged with criminal mischief.  The owner of the vehicles said the damage to his vehicles totaled more than $100,000.

Police said Iyegbu's rampage started at a Shell gas station across the street. The store manager said Iyegbu, who was fully clothed at the time, began ransacking the store with his bare hands after an employee refused to turn on a gasoline pump before he paid.

The gas station was closed for ten hours while employees cleaned up the damage.

Witnesses said Iyegbu damaged another car at the gas station before he inexplicably shed his clothes, grabbed the U of H flag and stormed toward the luxury cars.

No word why Iyegbu decided to strip down or why he had a UH flag with him.

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