Nissan settles with gov't over deceptive pickup ad

WASHINGTON (AP) - The government says Nissan went too far with a TV commercial that depicts its Frontier pickup truck powering up a sandy hill to save a struggling dune buggy.

The Federal Trade Commission says Nissan has agreed to settle deceptive advertising charges over the 30-second ad. In it, a little black dune buggy can be seen stuck in sand on a steep hill. Suddenly, a red Frontier speeds to the rescue of the dune buggy and pushes it up and over the hill.

No, the Frontier can't really do that.

In fact, the FTC says both the truck and the buggy were dragged to the top of the hill by cables.

The FTC says Nissan and advertising agency TBWA Worldwide Inc. are barred from making deceptive demonstrations in future ads.

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