GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial actor Jesse Heiman: I was MVP of the game

Either you loved it or hated it, either way, you're talking about it.

Go Daddy had one of the most controversial ads of the Super Bowl.

The ad, called "Perfect Match," featured super model Bar Refaeli locking lips with a geeky-looking engineer.

That guy is Jesse Heiman, and he's loving every minute of his time in the spotlight.

He spoke about his newfound fame on C-N-N this morning

 "A lot of people say that I was the MVP of the game besides Joe Flacco," Heiman said. 

Heiman said the kissing scene took somewhere between 45 and 65 takes.

He also said what you saw on TV was the tame version.

A much raunchier version is on the Go Daddy website.

For more of what Heiman had to say, click on the video player above. Click below to watch the commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.


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