KC's pancake rapper Mac Lethal on his culinary skills, BBQ & more

(CNN) - Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal took the internet by storm last week with a one-two punch of a blistering rendition of "Look at Me Now" and a Tumblr called "Texts from Bennett."

While the authenticity of "Bennett" is a matter of some dispute, the 30-year-old Mac Lethal (a.k.a. David Sheldon) brooks no argument over his skills as an MC or as a home chef. As Lethal spits mad rhymes in an uninterrupted take, he cooks up what looks to be flawless pancakes in his home kitchen, suggesting his comfort serving up both beats that are fresh and beets that are tasty.

As longstanding fans of the intersection of hip-hop and cuisine, we asked Mac Lethal to drop some knowledge about his culinary life.

Eatocracy: Have you, per seminal Sugarhill Gang song 'Rapper's Delight,' ever went over a friend's house to eat and the food just ain't no good? By which we mean the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed and the chicken tastes like wood.

Mac Lethal: Yes I have. It's a shame when people invite you over for subpar food. Cooking for someone is an extremely sacred thing. They are putting your creation into their mouths. How dare you be inexperienced or incompetent in the kitchen when they do that. That type of stuff can ruin friendships and should ruin marriages. Learn to cook!

Eatocracy: Do real G's, in fact, move in silence like lasagna as Lil Wayne purports?

Mac Lethal: No they don't. The 'g' in lasagna actually connects to the 'n' forming a "nyuh" sound. Like when you say the word "gnocchi," it sounds like "nyo-kee." So the g is actually causing a sound when it's used in lasagna.

Eatocracy: If you were giving a young gentleman advice on how to woo a lady friend with food, what would you suggest he serve her?

Mac Lethal: I think the key to wooing a lady friend with food, is doing it by surprise, and making it orgasmic. Women like food that has very strong, profound flavors. Don't cook steak, or burgers, or simple pasta or something. Make some incredible migas. Or an outstanding cheesecake. Make something that tastes like romance. And do it when she least expects it.

Eatocracy: What sets your pancakes apart?

Mac Lethal: One of my two secret ingredients is a tablespoon of Nesquik chocolate milk. The other ingredient is what makes them so incredible, and I cannot disclose it.

Eatocracy: What other cold weather foods would you suggest (other than pancakes)?

Mac Lethal: Adult macaroni and cheese, beer battered fish and chips, cochinita pibil, and always a big dish of yummy enchiladas.

Eatocracy: Elvis had his signature banana and peanut butter sandwich. What is yours?

Mac Lethal: I do a peanut butter, banana, swiss-cheese wrap, with an obligatory glass of orange juice. Basically you take a fresh banana, slather it in crunchy peanut butter, wrap a big piece of Swiss cheese around it and squeeze down so it sticks. Then take a big bite, and while the food is still chewing, take a gulp of orange juice. If this doesn't taste amazing, you can write me a hate email at maclethalzzz@gmail.com. Try it.

Eatocracy: Which would you rather eat up and spit out, other MCs or Spam?

Mac Lethal: Spam can be made into interesting things. Hawaii is big on making delicacies out of spam. So MCs.

Eatocracy: Is there a food word you cannot, try as you might, fit into a rhyme?

Mac Lethal: No.

Eatocracy: We're slightly obsessed with the cooking term "spatchcock" and our editor says it on live TV as frequently as she possibly can. Would you be so kind as to flow with the word "spatchcock?"

Mac Lethal: Spatchcock, matchbox, latch locks, hatched hawk, axe chop, snack stop, trash talk, catch, Doc!

Eatocracy: Why is BBQ so incredibly magical, and would you please expound upon why the Kansas City rendition thereof reigns supreme?

Mac Lethal: Kansas City BBQ is a lot of the time molasses based. Also, living here causes people to experience certain extreme weather patterns. Those weather patterns create the type of emotional fortitude needed to spend years upon years perfecting a BBQ recipe.

Regional food is largely based on weather. Because weather creates moods, moods create emotions, and emotions dictate the type of foods you desire. Therefore, Kansas City BBQ comes from four extreme weather seasons that take us into four different directions.

Eatocracy: And any other food matters you'd care to wax smart about? We're listening.

Mac Lethal: Yeah, for anyone unaware, if you live in America and are not proud of the cuisine we have here-- you are delusional. We have the absolute BEST food in the world, and are often imitated by people everywhere else. It's one of the only things America can brag about being better than everyone else at.

However, a fascinating psychological nugget some of you may find interesting: the second best food in the entire world is found in South Africa. They have a lot of lamb and ostrich based dishes there. Mmm mmm mmm. Love me some South African cuisine!

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You can see Mac's pancake rap by clicking here (WARNING: explicit language): youtu.be/Teaft0Kg-Ok