How to create a DIY Time Capsule

There are so many memories throughout the years that often are forgotten. Leanne Lee, owner of Rekindled Spaces, shares how to make the perfect family time capsule to help preserve your memories.

Time Capsule
Supplies you will need
Air tight container (I like to use empty paint cans)
Mod Podge (if desired for decorating outside of container)
Pictures or drawings to decorate your container
Here are some fun ideas for items to include in your family time capsule:
A Current Newspaper: It would be a great reminder of what was going on in the world on the day you created your time capsule.
A Sales Flyer: It would be interesting to go back and see how the cost of items have changed over the years.
A Take-Out Menu: Include a take-out menu from your favorite restaurant as a reminder of your favorite foods!
Family Photo: Include a current family photo in front of your house or on a recent family vacation.
A Letter To Your Future Self: Each family member could write a letter to their future self including items like what do they think they'll be doing in 10 years, where do they see themselves living in 10 years, where do they hope they've traveled, what do they hope they drive, etc.
Personal Quiz: Each family member can complete this free printable personal quiz about themselves. It summarizes all of their current favorites.
Favorites: Of course you don't want to put away your favorite things in a time capsule, but how about including pictures of them? This could include pictures of your kids with their favorite toy, a picture of yourself in your favorite outfit, etc.
Drawings: Have your children create drawings to include in the time capsule.
Craft: Have your family complete a small craft together and include this in the time capsule.
Catalogue: Include a toy catalogue in the time capsule for kids and have them circle everything on their current wish list.
Write a Poem: As a family, write a funny rhyming poem to include in the time capsule.
Photos: Include a few photos of memorable events

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