Happy Hour How-to: Grandma's Rockin' Rita and Chuy's Texas Martini Margarita

It might just be the perfect cocktail to kick-start your weekend. Chuy's Manager, Tanner Scott, shows us how to mix up two rockin' margarita's. Watch the video in the player above for a demonstration on how to create Grandma's Rockin' Rita and Chuy's Texas Martini Margarita.


Grandma's Rockin' Rita
1800 Silver 1.0 oz
Grand Marnier 1.25 oz
Lime Juice 3.0 oz
Sugar Water 3.0 oz
Lime wedge 1 ea
· Combine ingredients in shaker tin over the ice.
· Shake vigorously.
· Pour ingredients back in ORANGE salted pint glass.
· Garnish with lime wedge and red straw.

(NOTE:  You will need to have another salt set up with orange salt for this drink.)

Chuy's Texas Martini Margarita
2 oz house teq.                                              
1 oz Patron Citronge                                    
1 1/2 oz fresh lime juice                                 
1 1/2 ounce sugar water
Lime wedge & 2 Jalapeno olive on sword
Martini Glass
Fill shaker with ice and using jigger pour alcohol in shaker bottom.  Free pour sugar water and lime juice and top with shaker top and shake vigorously.       

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