Happy Hour How-to: Summer Brew

Kick off the first official day of summer with a delicious Summer Brew! The owner of Nick and Jake's shared three variations of the beer and vodka drink. For all the recipes below, simply combine all the ingredients and shake over ice.


Classic Summer Brew
12 oz Can of Limeade Concentrate
3 Bottles of Corona
1/2 Cup Clear 10 Vodka
Garnish Lime Wedge - Serve in a Pitcher with Ice.

Nick and Jake's Summer Brew
3 oz Homemade Lemonade
6 oz Boulevard Wheat Beer
1 1/2 oz Absolute Citron Vodka
Garnish Lemon Wedge

"Have Fun With It"
3 oz Lemonade
6 oz Redds Apple Ale
1 1/2 Sobieski Caramel Vodka
Garnish Caramel Granny Smith Apple

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