Ruth's Chris Steakhouse dishes up Crab Cakes from scratch

Sure, you can buy crab cakes frozen, but why not experiment a little and try making them from scratch! Executive Chef Brad McGuire from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse demonstrates how to whip up crab cakes. Follow along with Chef Brad McGuire in the player above.

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Ruth's Chris Crab Cakes and Crab Sauce
Yield: 12, 3 oz. crab cakes
Crab Sauce
2 eggs
¾ c. mayonnaise
¼ tbsp blackening seasoning
2 tbsp creole mustard
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp fresh chopped parsley

Crab Cakes
1 lb. jumbo lump crabmeat
1 c. cracker meal

Place eggs in a mixing bowl and mix well with a wire whip. Place remaining crab sauce
ingredients in the mixing bowl and mix well until all ingredients are incorporated. Add the crabmeat to the mixing bowl and gently fold to incorporate, trying not to break up the crabmeat lumps. Sprinkle the finely crushed crackers over the crabmeat mixture and gently fold to incorporate. Using a large scoop or clean hands, portion crab cakes into 3 oz each portions.

Cooking Procedure
1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Evenly spread canola oil or cooking spray on a baking sheet.
2. Place portioned crab cakes on the oiled baking sheet and place into the 425 degree F oven on the middle rack. Set the oven timer for seven minutes. Cook until internal temperature reaches 150 degrees F and outside is golden brown. Be careful not to burn the bottoms of the crab cakes.

1. When crab cakes are fully cooked, remove from oven and serve with your favorite sauce.
2. Ruth's Chris serves them with lemon butter drizzled over the top and garnished with red and green diced peppers and fresh chopped parsley.

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