How to create a harlequin pattern on walls or furniture


A clean, diamond pattern on the walls can really dress up a room, and creating that pattern doesn't need to be left to the professionals. Leanne Lee from Rekindled Spaces broke down the steps so you can try this at home.

How to create a Harlequin Pattern

1) Decide what size harlequins you want. I think they look better when they are taller than they are wide. I usually decide the height and width based on the size of the piece I am placing it on. For this demonstration I am using a sample board that is 18" x 24". Therefore, to make the harlequins fit perfectly, I am going to make them 6" wide and 8" tall.

2) Using a tape measure, make tack marks across on both sides of the board at 3",6",9",12"15" & 18"

3) Using same tape measure, make tack marks vertically on both top and bottom at 4",8",12"16"20" & 24"

4) Now take a chalk line and snap a grid by matching your tack marks up.

5) Now we can tape off our diamond pattern

6) Using an exacto knife, cut our excess tape

7) Burnish tape lines

8) Paint in color of choice

9) Remove tape

10) Embellish corners if desired

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