Owner of Rekindled Spaces demonstrates how to turn a chandelier into a bird feeder

Make something old - new again. Leanne Lee is the woman behind Rekindled Spaces in Parkville, Mo. Her passion is taking old, tired items a makeover to make them useful again. She shared the how-to instructions for one of her favorite projects, turning an old chandelier into a bird feeder. 

Lee is also in the running for the Leading Moms in Business, a competition through Startup Nation, and the nationwide winner will receive $10,000. You can vote for Lee online every day now through April 30 at startupnation.com. 


Chandelier transformed into a birdfeeder

1) Remove bulbs from chandelier

2) Remove plastic wire cover from chandelier

3) Put on safety goggles

4) Cut wires with wire cutters

5) Unscrew bulb holder

6) Remove metal base

7) Using E6000, glue steel or galvanized nut to threaded bolt

8) Replace metal base

9) Let dry overnight

10) Spray paint in desired color. Let dry

11) Glue custard cups to metal bases

12) Let dry overnight

13) Hang chandelier and fill with birdseed

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