'Crazy Stupid Love' is the perfect combination of sexy and cute

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - An all-star cast comes together to form the perfect combination of sexy and cute in  "Crazy Stupid Love" .

The movie is about a guy named Cal ( Steve Carell ), who's wife, Emily ( Julianne Moore ), admits she's been cheating on him with a man from work.

Torn apart and heartbroken, he goes out to the bars to try and make sense of it all.

It's there that a womanizer, Jacob ( Ryan Gosling ), sees Cal and wants to help him rediscover his manhood.

He gives him a makeover, some simple pick-up lines and works his magic to help Cal find his true self.

In the meantime (toggling between women), Jacob falls for a women at the bar who puts him in his place ( Emma Stone ).

Jacob has now finally met his match.

There's also some other love triangles; including Cal's son who's head over heels for his babysitter, (even though the babysitter is in love with someone else). I won't tell you who, because that may ruin some suprises.

This movie is one of the best I've ever seen at the element of suprise.

Information is withheld throughout "Crazy Stupid Love", so that when they literally drop it all on you, there's a payoff in the end.

This creates constant comedy scene after scene; we should thank the writer, Dan Fogelman ("Cars", "Tangled") for this.

Steve Carell (also a producer), does a fantastic job at playing off his fellow actors.

He has so much talent in the industry and is literally one the greatest of his craft.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are also the perfect combination of actors who have such dynamic chemistry together. 

Gosling has a couple more years left before he's standing on the big stage, with an Oscar in his hand for Best Actor.

The thing audiences will love about  "Crazy Stupid Love" is the comedy and love story.

It's a perfect movie of intertwining stories that piece together ever so nicely.

There's no doubt "Crazy Stupid Love" is the best comedy this year, and personally, it's one of my favorite comedies of all time.

"Crazy Stupid Love" is rated PG-13.


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