John Carpenter's 'Halloween' is no. 1 on the list of best scary movies to see this Halloween

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Happy Halloween everyone!

In honor of this spooky season, we've been counting down the 13 best scary movies to see this season.

The no. 1 scary movie on this Halloween list, is one of the most classic slashers of all time.

This 1978 film would go down as John Carpenter's most well-known piece of cinematic work.

It would also jump-start the career of Jamie Lee Curtis.

This classic film is the quintessential part to having a very spooky, frightening and fun-filled Halloween night.

#1 - "Halloween" (1978)

The film takes place on Halloween night in Haddonfield, Ill.

Police are called to the scene of a stabbing, where 17-year-old Judith Myers have been killed by her 6-year-old brother, Michael.

After being in a mental institution for 15 years, Michael Myers breaks out just days before Halloween.

He then returns home and stalks teenager Laurie Strode and her friends.

Myers' physchiatrist Dr. Loomis tries to hunt him down, before police find more victims throughout the entire town.

"Halloween" is a very well crafted film all around; from the classic suspense to John Carpenter's outstanding score.

It's become a true symbol for the holiday.

This film truly delivers the goods; especially when watching it on Halloween night, every single year.

Here's the entire list of the 13 best scary movies to see this Halloween:

1. "Halloween" (1978)
2. "The Exorcist" (1973)
3. "Paranormal Activity" (2007)
4. "Jaws" (1975)
5. "The Shining" (1980)
6. "A Nightmare On Elm Street" (1984)
7. "The Strangers" (2008)
8. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974)
9. "Scream" (1996)
10. "Friday the 13th" (1980)
11. "The Thing" (1982)
12. "The Descent"(2005)
13. "Saw" (2004)

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