Keira Knightley remains buried in the past with 'Anna Karenina'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Keira Knightley has made a strong name for herself in Hollywood, but seriously: Enough with the corsets already!

Her career choices are more restricting than any herringbone underpinnings -- and are much less exciting.

This year, the 27-year-old stars as Anna Karenina, the wife of a high-ranking government official (Jude Law), in 1874 Russia.

The drama beings when she has a passionate affair with a calvary officer (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). This decision scandalizes the entire society of St. Petersburg. In short -- It's Unfaithful meets The Notebook.

Anna Karenina will certainly snag Oscar nominations in categories such as Best Costume Design and Best Set Design. However, Knightley may lose her shot at Oscar gold for a second time because of the same-ole roles audiences have witnessed again, again and again.

It started back in 2005, when she collaborated with director Joe Wright on Pride and Prejudice, landing an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. The duo would continue their relationship just two years later with Atonement, and again this year for Anna Karenina.

In this critics opinion, both are satisfying films but that's about all audiences can handle of Knightley.

For the next five years, she would waste her promising career on numerous period pieces including Silk, The Edge of Love, The Duchess and A Dangerous Method. That's nearly one period film a year.

There's no doubt Knightley is an admirable actress -- we've seen her talent before she got wedged in the 19th century.

But if this perpetual run with the past continues, the audiences now -- will dismiss her entirely.

Anna Karenina is rated R for s ome sexuality and violence.

Runtime: 2 hours and 10 minutes.


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