Oscars 2014: Why the Academy got it wrong...again

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I originally said the 2014 Oscars would be an exciting year for cinema, boy was I wrong.

The Academy is getting better at screwing up, rather than making it right. You can make the case the downward spiral started back in 2009 when The Dark Knight got snubbed for Best Picture. 

Everyone saw this film and they loved it! And what's the Academy do? They rob Batman. Smart move. Superhero movies aren't "artistic" enough for their liking.

Back then, indie films were praised and popular films were frowned upon. It's been like this almost every year since then. Do you remember The Artist? Yeah me either. Do we know where Jean Dujardin is? Nobody cares.

Two years ago the Academy gave the best actor award to Jean Dujardin for his "silent" role in The Artist, and Hollywood robs George Clooney for his emotional performance in Alexander Payne's The Descendants. Clooney gave the best performance of the year by an actor. Shocker, he's snubbed.

The same year, Meryl Streep wins for the horrible film The Iron Lady. Viola Davis had her Oscar gold won for The Help, but it was stolen right out of her hands because Hollywood is ignorant. It's about the best performance of the year, not about who's a better actor or actress. It's literally an annual event to nominate Meryl Streep, even if she doesn't deserve it. We all know she's the greatest, but come on!

I bring all this up because the Academy doesn't know what the best performance is anymore. It's all politics. It's never about talent, it's about money. They boast themselves on knowing everything about film, but why can't they stop making mistakes?

The 86th Academy Awards are just more of the same.

My biggest concern this year is how the Academy can nominate Christian Bale, American Hustle for Best Actor and not consider Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips or better yet, Robert Redford for All Is Lost. Both men had far more range than Christian Bale. Two of the greatest actors of our time, back in front of the camera and delivering powerhouse performances.

But again, the Academy got it wrong... snubbing the most deserving actors of their Oscar gold.

Same goes for Directors. Martin Scorsese, Wolf of Wall Street snuck his name in the race, while Paul Greengrass didn't get nominated for Captain Phillips.

Funny how this happened because Captain Phillips got nominated for Film Editing. This usually goes hand in hand with the Best Director race.

Another notable mistake is the Best Supporting Actress category where Oprah Winfrey in The Butler gets her Oscar nomination stolen by Sally Hawkins in Blue Jasmine. Ladies and gentleman... that's what we call fraud . Oprah returns to acting and delivers a graceful performance on screen. She deserves a chance at the Oscar. But instead, they fail at voting once again. It's becoming a reoccurring issue for them.

My last major problem with the 2014 Oscars is how the show will end.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey are front runners to win Best Actor on March 2. They may have given us amazing roles throughout their careers, but the Oscar is supposed to be for the person who gave the best performance of this year, not five years or ten years ago.

Chiwetel Ejiofor gave the best performance all year, hands down. His role in 12 Years a Slave is pure perfection. But we all know he won't win. The Academy will give it to the least deserving out of the group, i.e. Leo.

I'm convinced that if Ejiofor doesn't win Best Actor, if Steve McQueen doesn't win Best Director, and if 12 Years a Slave doesn't win Best Picture, then the whole award show is rigged. We'll be forced to witness many more years of this hogwash.

It would be a true crime for the Academy not to award 12 Years a Slave with these three awards. You could even make the case Best Supporting Actress nominee Lupita Nyong'o should win too, but the Academy is just too head over heels for Jennifer Lawrence.

When you watch 12 Years a Slave, you feel like you're literally in hell. It's a living nightmare, but this time you can't blink twice to escape it. It's without a doubt the most historically accurate film in a decade. It brings true pain to your heart. The film stays with you for months.

If the Academy doesn't give the Oscar to this gut-wrenching film, then it just proves my point even further.

Voters care more about money and politics then what really matters in Hollywood -- Art.

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