The 6 greatest football movies ever made

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In honor of the NFL Draft, we're paying tribute to the greatest football movies ever made.

From the motivational speeches to the game-winning plays, these football films scored a touchdown in our hearts.

Here are the six best football movies -- along with a bonus film worthy of an extra point.

6. Varsity Blues (1999)

You probably don't associate the term great movies with MTV Films. Varsity Blues is the exception. The story about a small-town Texas football team is loaded with comedy and wit. It also has a few powerful performances, including that of Jon Voight who plays the out-of-control head coach. Varsity Blues is so full of memorable characters, you'll want to watch it over and over again.

5. Any Given Sunday (1999)

One of the most controversial movie directors put his powerful vision to the test with Any Given Sunday. In the film, Oliver Stone creates an in-depth look into professional football. It shows the varying personalities in sports -- from egotistical players to the power-hungry general managers. Any Given Sunday also put Jamie Foxx in the hot seat for his role as Willie Beamen. Not to mention, Al Pacino gives a historic motivational speech in the last 20 minutes of the film. You won't want to miss it.

4. Brian's Song (1971)

Based on the true story of Brian Piccolo and KU's greatest football player Gale Sayers, Brian's Song is a must-see sports film. It's an emotional powerhouse about the bond of friendship on and off the field. Everyone in the family needs to see this movie. It has heart and an important message about breaking the color barrier in sports. Brian's Song is a true sports gem, you'll never forget.

3. Friday Night Lights (2004)

Although the TV series is exceptionally better, Friday Night Lights is the best film about high school football. Directed by Peter Berg, FNL gives a realistic look into the life of high school athletes. It's full of heart and raw emotion. It's even one of the only sports films to make me cry. The directing and the story are what makes this movie tremendous. If you haven't seen the NBC television series -- you're missing out. It's the greatest show in the history of television.

2. Remember the Titans (2000)

I would imagine everyone has heard of Remember the Titans. It's arguably Disney's best live action film, and Denzel Washington undeniably deserved an Oscar nomination for his role as Coach Herman Boone. It's an emotional sports film, full of laughs and full of tears. Audiences everywhere will not only remember the movie, but they'll remember the Titans.

1. Rudy (1993)

Rudy is the compelling story of a man who will do anything to get respect on and off the field. It teaches the importance of never giving up on your dream. It's a supreme football movie about an undersized football player who dares to have it all. The acting is superb but the story is even more heartwarming. There's no doubt about it - this movie will leave you chanting the name... "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!"

EXTRA POINT: Little Giants (1994)

Little Giants is just a fun, family flick with some good ole' 90's humor. It has a great cast including Ed O'Neill, Rick Moranis and even a special cameo by John Madden (the coach, not the video game). Little Giants may not be an amazing football film from a logistical standpoint, but it sure deserves the title of extra point on the list.

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