NBC's 'Today Show' gets new look, contributor Monday

(NBC News) -
After spending the better part of the last month outdoors, the "Today Show" family will get to move back inside Monday into some newly renovated digs.

"It's like re-doing your bathrooms and your kitchen in your house. You walk in and you feel a little bit more energy," said co-host Matt Lauer.

Studio 1a, where most of the popular show originates, has gotten a top to bottom makeover.

"Part of it is to have it look warm, look homey, like somewhere you'd want to hang out.  Where we want to hang out," co-host Savannah Guthrie said.

Al Roker gets to hang out at his new interactive, touch wall for weather.

"I'm really excited about it, because it can do stuff that nobody else gets to do," said Roker.

Not only is there a new set, there will also be a new member joining the morning team, Carson Daly.

"This feels like an intervention, by the way, very bizarre!" said Daly.

The nighttime host of "The Voice" will take on social media morning duties manning a major addition to the Today Show set -- something called "The Orange Room."

"The digital room will allows us, in real time, every morning, to add content -- our viewers' thoughts -- into the show," Daly said.

As for the set, the morning team is confident viewers will give it a thumbs-up.

"It's amazing. It's going to be a beautiful, inviting, warm place," said new anchor Natalie Morales.

That's even if it doesn't quite have everything.

"I asked for a Jacuzzi, didn't get it. That didn't seem to work out," Guthrie joked.

The new set gets a workout starting Monday morning.