Netflix working to expand its original content

HOLLYWOOD - Netflix plans to double the amount of shows it makes in 2014.

That is largely due to the success of its original shows like "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards" - which got nine Emmy nominations this year.

That is the first time a series distributed on the Internet has ever been nominated in top categories.

Last week, the company changed its motto a little bit - from "We are movies and TV" to "We are a movie and TV series network."

"It is completely different now," Actress Portia De Rossi said. "I mean, I find it really frustrating to have to wait a week to watch a show, and I'm just so used to seeing things back to back when I want to see them."

Of the 14 nominations it received - Netflix took home three different awards for "House of Cards."

David Fincher won for Best Director.

The show was also honored for Casting and Cinematography.

"They're super, super smart," Mary McNamara, a TV critic for the LA Times said. "It's always hard to have competition. But, are they doing anything terribly different? That remains to be seen. There are problems with the Netflix model in terms of keeping the conversation going. That's why you saw this huge Emmy campaign."