‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' star Josh Hutcherson hosts ‘Saturday Night Live'

(NBC News) - "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" hits theaters this weekend, just as one of the film's stars tackles hosting duties on "Saturday Night Live."

Josh Hutcherson, who plays "Peeta" in the film, hosts for the first time.

Saying it's a big week for Hutcherson is an understatement.

He's been busy pushing the premiere of "Catching Fire" and preparing for his "Saturday Night Live" debut.

"It's work. Nonstop," Hutcherson says.  "Like the moment you get here to the moment you leave you're just constantly reading things, doing things, talking to writers, doing wardrobe fittings, you know, talking to different people, meeting new people. It's like - it's like a whirlwind, absolutely."

Even though his "Hunger Games" co-star Jennifer Lawrence hosted earlier this year, she was not exactly a great source for advice.

"It was - be yourself, have fun with it, and don't hold back. Good advice, I guess, but like anybody could have said that. I got no real inside information from her," Hutcherson laughs.

Fortunately for Hutcherson, he's been made to feel right at home.

"This cast is so funny and they're so smart and they have some, such really good ideas," he says.  "They've really been welcoming and right away I felt like I connected with so many of them, and then hit it off immediately." 

That could make for a hot show Saturday night.

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