The Voice Recap: Shakira, Blake, Adam and Usher all add two team members

The fourth night of blind auditions on The Voice opened with former model Audrey Karrasch.

After spending time in New York as a model, Karrasch decided she needed music in her life and moved to Charlotte.

She performed "Price Tag," and it wasn't long before both Blake and Usher had turned their chairs.

The pair would be the only who fought for Karrasch.

"You're my girl; I already know it," Usher proclaimed.

Karrasch wanted to know what Usher saw in her, but as soon as he began speaking, she had chosen her team.

"OK, Usher. Let's do it!" Karrasch said.

The second blind audition of the night came from Brandon Roush. Roush spends his days working with children with Autism.

The long-haired 19-year-old sang "With a Little Help From My Friends."

By process of elimination, (she was the only one to turn her chair) he ended up on Team Shakira.

Betsy Barta gave us our first Voice rejection of the night.

I shouldn't even say rejection in this case. Barta performed Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain."

And the street musician is headed back to the streets, but not for a lack of talent. She picked a big song, and unfortunately, it cost her a place on The Voice this season.

Adam gave the emotional performer a hug as she was getting ready to leave the stage. He, rightfully, told her to come back again.

Patrick Dodd, a Beale Street performer, came onto the show after winning the Beale Street entertainer of the year award.

He performed "Walking in Memphis." The raspy soul in his voice grabbed the attention of Shakira and Adam.

And while both fought hard for Dodd, he decided to spend the season working with Adam.

After a montage of successful performers picked by Blake, Shakira and Adam, Orlando Dixon took the stage.

His performance of "So Sick" lacked a little pizazz, but Usher turned his chair at the last possible second.

Usher told Dixon to be prepared to be pushed even further. The current wedding singer who works to help his mom make ends meet was excited to be working with his idol.

While Team Adam spends the next several weeks beating each other up vocally, Team Blake could pull out a third straight win with Tuesday night's final performer.

Savannah Berry sang "Safe and Sound." The 17-year-old has experience singing with musical inspiration Sugarland and sounds like a seasoned professional.

When she told the judges that Miranda Lambert was another musical influence, viewers should have known she was going to select Team Blake.

Shakira and Adam put up a fight, but in the end, it didn't seem to be a difficult decision for her to choose the coach who is married to one of her musical idols.

The hour long show flew by, and everyone picked up two artists.

Here's how the fourth night of blind auditions shook out:

Team Adam: Patrick Dodd, Agina Alvarez

Team Shakira: Brandon Rousch, C. Perkins

Team Usher: Audrey Kerrisch, Orlando Dixon

Team Blake: Trevor Davis Savannah Berry

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