Divorce insurance now available

Company selling coverage against break ups

Insurance is usually considered a good idea. But a new insurance product is causing some controversy. You can now buy divorce insurance.

It's called Wed-Lock. It’s much like any other kind of insurance; you pay premiums and they pay you… if you get divorced.

"I just think it sets the wrong precedent," said Suzy Brown.

Brown has an interesting job description. She’s a midlife divorce recovery expert.

She survived a midlife divorce and she helps others do the same, through her book, website and seminars. She's leery of the divorce insurance concept.

She describes the policy as "some kind of new product that tends to kind of head you in the direction of taking the easy way out instead of saying ‘here let's invest in making our marriage stronger ‘ instead of investing in a way to cut and run."

Brown adds, "I think it kind of puts the wrong mindset in someone's head when they're either getting ready to get married or have just recently married. I think it just kind of tends to push you toward 'well, if this doesn't work I'll just get my insurance money and go."

Brown says she has a better idea than divorce insurance.

“How about a marriage insurance policy where you say 'OK there may be problems, but if we stick it out five years we'll take that money and go to the Bahamas."

The Wed-Lock insurance policy won't pay until the insured person has been married for at least four years.

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