McCormick distillery has long local history

Hidden in the countryside of Weston, Missouri is McCormick Distilling Company. It's hard to believe that just down a short path way is this booming business.

The reason McCormick's fits in with the agricultural landscape of Weston is the fact that is has some very deep roots. McCormick's is a 150 year old business that knows the importance of history.

Before it was a distilling company the land was actually a meat packing plant. McCormick's has preserved the evidence of the lands past including an old meat hanging cellar dubbed the Ancient Cave.

"It's probably the first structure ever erected on this site," Mick Harris, Managing Director and Vice Chairman of McCormick's explained.

The land was then purchased by Ben Holladay, the stage coach King of the old West who turned it into a distillery.

"The reason that they chose this location is that we are sitting on a natural limestone shelf," explained Harris.

In the mid-1900's McCormick's was bought by a company in Atchison, Kansas which is MGP ingredients today. MGP got involved in the decanter business and it was McCormick's who produced all of the Elvis Presley decanters. After the decanted business died McCormick's began sending its labels nationwide and began to grow into the business it is today.

"Current ownership purchased the building in 1993, the company did about two million cases at that time and has roughly doubled their size since that period," Harris explained.

It was the current owners who decided that McCormick's needed to become more green.

"We took a look at what we were doing with all of our products and we took a look at what we were doing with our plant here and decided that it would be a wise investment both socially and financially to take a look at our facilities and see how we can improve our carbon footprint," Harris explained.

These green movements led to an eco-friendly vodka called 360 Vodka, the introduction of an employee recycling program and the planting of over 200 native trees in what the distillery is calling Forest 360.

Aside from all this work McCormick's also runs a country store in downtown Weston.

"You can go in and you can sample any of our products, you can buy McCormick merchandise and you can enjoy the ambiance of Western Missouri," Harris said.

Thanks to their history, their commitment to the environment and their booming business in our own back yard McCormick's Distillery is just another reason we are proud to call it home.

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