Man leaves lucrative career and finds happiness selling tamales

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas - Bruce Swabb desperately needed a change. He decided to leave his six-figure salary as a tax accountant to sell tamales and he has never looked back.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays Bruce and his wife Susan roll out their "Tamale Wizard" cart at the Overland Park Farmer's Market.

They opened the stand in April selling gourmet tacos and tamales.

"Mainly I just try to keep changing it up. We've got a steak taco today and a carnitas pork with a really nice rub on it," said Bruce.

His wife Susan is a teacher. She is helping him run the business over the summer break.

Susan says it was clear he needed a change of career.

"Bruce was so unhappy he wasn't laughing any more. He lost his sense of humor. He was so unhappy it was affecting the whole family," said Susan.

Bruce cooks with a smile on his face.

"To me it's more important to do what I need to do and have the creativity and meet the people. If I can do that and make ends meet then that's really what I want to do," he said.

The say the best part is the people they encounter.

"I actually love the interaction with the customers. It's the icing on the cake," said Bruce.

In the small tamale cart the Swabb's found everything they were missing. 

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