B-17 Bomber and Rare P-40 take flight over Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - With a puff of smoke and the roar of the engines, part of the past came alive Monday. Liberty Belle is one of only 14-B 17 bombers still flying.

Its heavy fire power earned it the nick name "The Flying Fortress."

One of the first passengers to take a ride Monday was 87-year-old Fern Reynolds of Grain Valley.

The former Rosy the Riveter said she had no hesitation about hopping about.

"No ,no, no, I thought the pilot was great and the ride was great," said Reynolds.

Her husband John and World War II veteran said the flight brought reassuring memories.

"When they was going over dropping bombs we felt a little safe. We was in fox holes, it made us feel safe when they were around."

The plane is impressive on the ground, but the view from the cramped front row the nose

Gunner called home is amazing. That's part of the reason the Liberty Foundation works so hard at keeping these old birds in the air.

Keith Youngblood, a crewman on the B-17, explained, "You actually get to see with these planes unlike in a static museum you actually get to see, feel, hear, smell and actually if you're behind the engines you get to taste um."

There is also a P-40 fighter at Downtown Airport this weekend too. The public can fly in either plane for a fee or if you would rather keep your feet on the ground, a walk through is free but a donation is encouraged. The cost of the flights is $430 dollars for the B-17 and $1,050 for the P-40.

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