KC Art Institute students painting mural at the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - 16 students from the Kansas City Art Institute are making a permanent mark on Kansas City.  They've been commissioned by the Kauffmans to paint a mural for one of the two theaters inside the new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

The abstract mural is split into 24 sections, some reaching heights of 14 feet.

"It's sort of an amalgamation of all of our ideas together.  One of our biggest concepts came from collaging each others' concepts.  We would cut them apart and put them back together," said art student  Andrea Morris.

The students got guidance from the head architect, Moshe Safdie, but they came up with the concept on their own.  They started painting in June and are set to wrap up by the end of August.

Dan Reneau, a teacher at the Art Institute who is also overseeing the students, calls the project "a once in a lifetime opportunity."

Reneau says the students are getting a chance to enhance a city landmark which could ultimately get national attention.

"You have no idea, I get to go inside this building every morning and paint and see the process every day construction wise... I"m definitely very proud and I tell a lot of people," said Morris.

The Kauffmans are paying the students an hourly wage and covering the cost of their materials.

To check out the students' blog, head to http://blogs.kcai.edu/

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