Mom wants answers after her son is severely burned at neighbor's house

UPDATE |  KCK police said at first they were told it was an accident but now that might not be the case .

KANSAS CITY, Kansas - A Kansas City, Kansas mother is looking for answers after her 8 -year-old son was severely burned at a neighbor's house.

Angela Hardiman lives in the 2300 block of Kansas Avenue and said her son Norman Robinson Jr., was playing at a neighbor's house on Monday afternoon, when he ran home with third degree burns on his arm and back.

Hardiman believes her son was sitting in a chair when a 15-year-old neighbor threw lighter fluid on Norman's shirt and struck a match.

"This doesn't make any sense; I don't know why police are not investigating this. This is a crime against my son," said Hardiman.

According to KCK police, a casualty report was completed on Monday after police were called to the scene, but no other investigation will be conducted. Police say there is no indication of criminal activity.

Hardiman disagrees with the assessment.

"All I want is justice served. I can't understand why police are not investigating," said Hardiman.

Norman is still in the hospital being treated for his burns.

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