Nude burglar caught stealing sausage from Florida retirement community

ESTERO, Florida - When Mariners Cove resident Joe Brown discovered the community’s breakfast sausage had been stolen he immediately knew what to do.

"We went to the video camera,” said Brown, “because that's the first thing you do. Someone stole something, let's see who it is."

But nothing prepared him for what he saw. The burglar was completely naked.

“That was funny! I was laughing! He walked round in here like it was his own living room."

Now the naked sausage burglar is the talk of the retirement home.

Police used the video to track down and arrest a 35-year-old man who's believed to be a transient.

"We have a lot of rules in here,” said another resident, “but I don't think we have a rule against streaking in the club house. We might have to add that."

Joshua Abernathy has been charged with burglary and petty theft. The naked burglar may be at and end now, but his memory will live on.

"You know, when you get to 55-plus you don't get a whole lot of excitement, so this is great!"

Abernathy’s also charged with grand theft and occupied burglary, in connection with a similar incident that happened late last year. 

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