Family is going high-tech and old-school to save their pot-bellied pal

SPRING, Texas - Missy Sardo and her family have grown quite attached to their 60 pound, eight month old, pot bellied pig.

His name is Wilbur, and he was a Christmas present from Missy's husband.

But the homeowner's association for the Thicket subdivision in Spring is telling them he's not welcome. Last week the Sardo's got a letter telling them they had 30 days to find Wilbur another home.

According to the deed restrictions, no livestock can live on the lot.

"It's a miniature pot bellied pig and I don't consider it livestock. I never did," said Sardo.

The next step for the family is starting a petition. They have to get 51 percent of the 250 homeowners in the neighborhood to sign it in order to change the deed restrictions.

If they don't get those signatures, Wilbur will have to go.

Most neighbors interviewed say they're OK with it.

"It's a pig," said one. "It lives inside. It goes outside to go to the potty. I don't think it matters."

But at least one neighbor has complained of a smell and that Wilbur roots in the Sardo's backyard.

Missy denies the claims that pigs are stinky.

"They have no sweat glands they smell better than most dogs who've been outside," she defended.

To rally support, Wilbur Sardo now has his own Facebook page, and had garnered nearly 1,000 friends by mid-morning Wednesday, and his family plans to go door-to-door.

Wilbur's thirty days runs out in early August.

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