Target of alleged murder for hire plot talks about ex-wife

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KANSAS CITY, Missouri - When federal authorities first showed up at the used car shop George Cascone has owned along North Oak Trafficway for nearly three decades, he wondered if he had done some bad body work.

However, he quickly learned his ex-wife Dorothy Cascone was in jail, accused of hiring someone to have him murdered.

The revelation would surprise most people, but Cascone was not short on adjectives describing his ex-wife.

"She is psychotic, crazy, diabolical and evil," said Cascone. "I mean Tiger Woods ain't got nothing on me. She's smashed up several of my cars."

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Cascone said he was not a saint during their marriage, admitting he had several affairs over the years. Court documents show the couple married in 1973. They legally separated in 1996 and finalized the divorce in 1999.

Cascone said he still kept in touch with his ex-wife. However, court documents show Dorothy asked someone to shoot and kill her ex-husband over the holiday weekend.

She allegedly bought black clothes for the hit man, gave him a loaded gun, and even provided detailed maps of the inside of Cascone's Northland home. Read Entire Criminal Complaint

After hearing details of the alleged plot, Cascone had a surprising reaction.

"The part that insulted me the most is the fact that she was going to pay the hit man so little money," he said. "She should've taken someone from out of town like Chicago or New York. And she should've paid at least $10,000. Two grand is not enough to get that work done. In a sense, you get what you pay for."

The woman allegedly approached by Dorothy Cascone contacted authorities about the plot.

Cascone believes his ex-wife's motive was money, pointing to several life insurance policies she carried for him totaling at least $750,000.

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