DUI offenders required to use in-car breathalyzers in Kansas

WICHITA, Kan. - New Kansas legislation will require all first-time DUI offenders to install "in-car breathalyzers" starting July 1, 2011.

The devices require you to blow into them to start a vehicle.

If you measure a .04 -- half the legal limit -- the device locks your car from starting.

Under the new law, all first time DUI offenders, the most common type, will have to have one of the devices installed for 6 months.

They will also be charged a lease fee of $65 to $85 in addition to a $50 to $100 installation fee,

"Within the last month, since the new law passed, we've had a lot of inquiries as far as how to, what they're going to need to do to in order to get everything taken care of and get the interlock installed on their vehicle," said Jeremy Gentry of LifeSafer Interlock of Kansas.

Two-time offenders will be required to use an interlock device for a year and third time offenders will have it for two years.

Some devices even have a camera which prevents drivers required to use the device from letting someone else in to blow into it on their behalf.

Judges can mandate the camera models for certain high-risk offenders, but DUI attorney John Rapp isn't certain the devices will significantly curtail DUI arrests.

"I think it will help people think before they get back in the car again and drink and drive. But I think some people are going to try and find ways around it, so I guess time will tell," Rapp said.

But companies like LifeSafer Interlock say these devices will go a long ways towards stopping offenders from getting back on the road after drinking

Several companies say parents of high school or college students are voluntarily installing these devices on their kids' cars to ensure they're driving sober.

Information from KSNT-TV

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