Missouri woman remains critical after air show crash-landing in plane piloted by husband

Wing walker fights for life after fiery crash

SAN ANTONIO - A Missouri woman remained in critical condition Monday, nine days after a fiery crash landing during an air show performance.

Her husband, who was driving the plane when it wrecked March 12, was also injured in the crash, though not as badly.

Kyle and Amanda Franklin were performing as part of their Neosho-based company, Franklin Air Show, at Air Fiesta at Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport when their plane’s engine gave out just as Amanda had started her wing-walking act, Kyle Franklin said Monday on NBC’s Today Show.

Kyle said his wife had about 14 seconds to try to get back into her seat before they crash-landed, but a rescue worker said she was trapped inside her safety harness when he arrived to the plane just moments after the crash-landing.

The front of the plane had burst into flames upon impact. Crews used bolt cutters to free Amanda and Kyle from the wreckage.

Kyle says Amanda has burns over 70 percent of her body, a broken neck and back and multiple fractures in her face. She has yet to regain consciousness.

The couple met through their fathers, who were both involved in air shows and both died in 2005 when their planes collided in mid-air.

To see video of the crash landing, watch this video:

To hear more of what Kyle Franklin had to say, watch this video:


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