Jack's Smack: Don't blame the fans for not buying more tickets, blame the Arkansas cheapskate

I was listening to sports talk radio on Monday and was a little surprised at the number of callers who complained about all the Cub fans who were in the stands this weekend at Kauffman Stadium.

The three-game series drew just, shy of a hundred thousand and there's no way of determining a breakdown, but a 60/40 split, isn't that far off.

I heard one radio talker, chastising Royals fans for not buying more tickets.

The radio guy was dead wrong.

To begin with, that's a lame excuse. Don't blame it on the fans.

I don't know if our owner showed up this weekend and I really don't care. But if he did, I hope David Glass took a good look at all those Cubs fans in the seats.

Sure, it was embarrassing for Kansas Citians, but not for the Arkansas cheap-skate who saw nothing but dollar signs when he looked around at those large crowds.

You think David Glass is concerned about all the Cub fans taking all those seats?

By the way, the radio guy wouldn't let it go. And I can't remember his name, but he kept pinning the blame on KC fans.

I think the guy just blew into town and doesn't realize we've endured terrible baseball around here for the past two decades.

As for all those Cub and Cardinal fans we saw this year, it's a direct reflection on this owner and the lousy teams he's given us.

We're not as a dumb as Glass thinks we are.

The Cubs and Cardinals are still not a good enough reason to convince us to buy a ticket.

If and when, the Royals ever become good again, there won't be any extra tickets for those out of town fans.

That's Jack's Smack.

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