Jack's Smack: If only our spoiled and overpaid athletes would realize they don't have it so bad

It seems everywhere you turn these days there are labor issues in the world of sports.

NBA owners met Tuesday in Dallas and it's looking more and more like there's going to be a lockout in that sport. Great!

NFL is now four months into its labor dispute and now, the pro basketball owners and players are at odds over how to spread the wealth. Why not?

Folks, we're the ones getting screwed in all of this.

They're going to keep jacking up, ticket prices.

These people could care less about us.

They use us and get our hard earned tax dollars to build their massive sports palaces and then, this is the way they treat us.

We are truly gluttons for punishment.

I pick up the paper and see where the postal service is $15-billion dollars in debt -- $15-billion.

To put it in perspective - they're losing $23 million dollars a day and we're talking about these poor mistreated and underpaid football and basketball players, that so many of us worship.
The postal crunch, hits home for me.

I use to complain about my hours in this TV business...working nights, weekends and holidays.

A news director once told me, "Fine, go get a job at the post office. You can get off every day at 5 o'clock."

Unfortunately, more than 100,000 postal workers have lost their jobs and there's more to follow.

I got to thinking, I don't have it nearly so bad, after all.

If only, our spoiled and overpaid athletes would feel the same way.

That's Jack's Smack.

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