Jack's Smack: Scott Pioli is not a grand-stander; he is one of us

Nobody really knows when this NFL lockout issue is going to be resolved.

I think most of us are fed up with both sides and their greedy ways.

It's the old story, billionaires versus millionaires. No sympathy here.

Over the years, I have been highly critical of the way the Chiefs conduct business.

During their success, on the field, in the 90s, they became arrogant and over-bearing, and for the most part, above reproach.

King Carl and company were no fun to deal with.

They tried to rule the media with an iron-fist.

If you were overly critical of the way they operated, they wouldn't hesitate to go after your job.

They were a corporate "bully' in everything since of the word.

The good news, better days are here.

It's all changed in the way they do business these days at arrowhead.

It's like night and day since the new regime took over.

I was most impressed with something that the Chiefs did today.

Chiefs' owner Clark Hunt and his top two lieutenants, Scott Pioli and Mark Donovan, showed up at Central High School.

The kids had no idea who these men were.

But you should have seen their reaction when the Chiefs started handing out boxes of cleats.

We're talking about 500 pairs of football cleats - brand-spankin'-new – for five schools in the district.

Chiefs also donated weight room equipment to Central High School.

Scott Pioli was the driving force behind this.

He has pledged to improve the way of life in the inner city.

Scott Pioli is not a grand-stander. You won't find him sipping wine on the Plaza and rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers.

Now you might bump into him having a frosty-one, at a friendly little watering hole on Main Street called "The Peanut".

I'm sure you get the jest, of what I'm talking about.

Scott Pioli is one of us.

And boy is that ever, a refreshing change at Arrowhead.

That's Jack's Smack.

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