Jack's Smack: These are troubling days for American golf, the international golfers are dominating

We learned two things about American golf this weekend at the U.S. Open.

You can say good-bye to both the Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson eras.

Neither is a part of the equation when comparing the best golfers in the world.

It's easy, based on those four days at congressional, to single out Rory McIlroy as the new "Chosen One."

To blow away the field the way he did all four days is nearly incomprehensible.

In 111 years at the U.S. Open, no one has ever reached 13 under par.

McIlroy finished at 16 shots better than par.

Woods hasn't won a major in three years. He hasn't won a tournament in a year and a half. His future is shaky because of his bum knee.

Mickelson is now 41 and struggles to put together four solid rounds.

His family is already set financially for future generations

One thing we discovered by watching this Open, there is no one in the same class as Rory McIlroy. And to think this young man just turned 22 last month.

From all reports, he's well grounded and unlike most American golfers, he did not grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth.

That's why this kid has such a bright future.

He's still learning and still wanting to get better.

These are troubling days for American golf.

Too many of these young players are not willing to pay the price to do it right.

They seem to put more of a premium on rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers and landing corporate endorsements.

Look around. It's no coincidence. The international golfers rule.

They've not only taken over the sport, they're now dominating it.

Another sign, the American golfers have lived too high on the hog, for too long.

That's Jack's Smack.

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