Jack's Smack: Royals have tried nearly everything to fix it and nothing works

I don't recall, ever, seeing a team in any sport in Kansas City, more snakebitten than the Royals.

The Chiefs went through a horrible 15 year stretch in the 70s and most of the 80s when they were pretty bad, but nothing like this two-decade drought the Royals are in.

The Kings had only one or two good years and the scouts were pretty much, an afterthought.

Not enough people really cared about the hockey team and it lasted only two years.

The Royals owned this city back in the 80s with two World Series appearances in a 5-year period.

They've gone 26 years without making the playoffs.

They've had only 1 winning season in the last 17 years.

Tell me this.

Why do we hold out hope, that things are going to get better?

Royals have tried nearly everything to fix it, and nothing works. Nothing!

Ned Yost has decided to juggle the lineup, but it's still the same players, just hitting in different slots.

I don't blame the manager.

I quit doing that when I watched this team run through 8 different skippers since they last won 90 games in a season.

This team just simply, does not get better.

Arizona comes in here this week and like the Royals, they were awful last year and won only 65 games, but the D-backs bounce back this year and are in 1st place.

From worst to first in a year.

Can you imagine, how grateful we would be, as baseball fans, if we could savor that feeling, just one time?

I'm afraid, it won't happen in my lifetime, and I'm not planning on checking out, anytime soon.

That's Jack's Smack.

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