KC Chief teaches a valuable off-field lesson in life

KANSAS CITY,Missouri - Wyandotte County high school football players learned some new plays when it comes to their finances, and they heard it from a pretty good coach.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Chambers taught a class about money management and personal finances.

It is part of a program called “Yes you can,” from American Century Investments.

When it comes to finances, Chambers said he had a steep learning curve himself.

“Once I went to college I had no idea how to spend money,” Chambers remembers.

“I just know I went to the bank, they gave me a bank card and a check book and I went to work with it.”

Chambers early money management did not turn out well.

“Had a couple of collection agencies after that, and kind of had to learn the hard way.”

Chambers says he wants to give the students today a “heads up” about what is to come.

The program helps high school athletes learn how to budget, spend and manage debt.

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