Triple-digit heat doesn't come often in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - The temperature may creep into triple digits in Kansas City by Friday, a notch on the thermometer that isn't hit that often.

NBC Action Weather Meteorologist George Waldenberger is calling for a high of 97 on Thursday and 100 degrees on Friday. If it gets that hot, it will be only the 12th time we've seen 100 degree temperatures in Kansas City in the last five years.

According to statistics kept by the National Weather Service , we didn't hit triple digits in 2010 until Aug. 8, where we saw a high of 100 degrees. Two other days last year saw 100 degree temps or higher, with Aug. 10 also hitting 100 and Aug. 13 seeing a high of 103.

Before last year, it had been nearly three years since the heat hit the century mark. In 2007, four days in August saw 100 degree temperatures. The 6th and 12th saw it hit exactly 100 with the 14th hitting 101 and the 15th hitting 102.

The NWS, who has only the last five years of daily temperature statistics posted on their website, says 2006 saw the hottest weather of the last five years. Aug. 1 and 6 saw the temperature hit 104 degrees, while Aug. 9 hit 103 and Aug. 13 saw 101 degrees.

The 104 degree temperature was a record high for the first of August, but the 104 on Aug. 4, 2006 fell well short of the 109 we saw on that day in 1934, one of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Kansas City.

Kansas City has seen temperatures hit 110 degrees just four times, and not since 1954. Aug. 14, 1936 reached 113 degrees; July 14, 1054 hit 111; and July 24, 1934 and Aug. 13 1936 each saw 110 degrees.

Kansas City's official temperature is recorded each day at Kansas City International Airport. Temperature recordings at other spots in or around Kansas City may vary from official NWS statistics.

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