Bloch Cancer Survivors Day will showcase workouts for cancer patients and survivors

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Bloch Cancer Survivors Day event on Sunday, June 3 will feature a workout event for cancer survivors and patients. 

I'll be part of the workout events. 

After surviving breast cancer, I have started my Web Workouts where people invite me to their workouts. Now I'm inviting you to join me as we exercise at this event.

The event begins at noon at the Bloch Cancer Survivors Park at 48th and Roanoke, west of the Plaza.

To get a preview of the workouts, I attended the Pink T's workout at the University of Kansas, Kansas City Cancer Center last Thursday.

Sami Papacek, Wellness Program Manager is the instructor.  She demonstrated several exercises that strengthen muscles and improve endurance. 

"We use stability balls to help patients keep their balance as they do the exercises," Papacek said. "This improves the body and is good for the mind and overall health."

Papacek will be leading some routines during the wellness workout at the Cancer Survivors Day event.

Click on the video to hear her encouraging words about what exercise can do for cancer patients.

Visit the Kansas City Cancer Center for more information on wellness programs for cancer patients and survivors,

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