Wii Fit makes Cynthia Newsome's weekly workout all fun and games

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I think the best workouts are when you don't realize you're exercising to lose weight and get healthy. That's exactly what I felt like when I tried the Nintendo Wii Sports workout.

Gayle Hill, a longtime personal friend, invited me to give it a try and I agreed. Gayle is a regular at playing Wii golf, tennis, baseball and boxing. She can even go jogging with the Wii.

Gayle decided Wii bowling would be a gentle way for me to get acquainted with the fitness system. She briefly explained how the hand-held device was like the bowling ball and I had to release a button when I wanted to release the ball.

After a few gutter balls and slow-moving balls, I got the hang of it and was soon knocking down some pins. I even got a strike!

I loved that the game kept score for you and even provided an instant replay.

To my surprise, I was physically getting into the game, and I could tell I was burning some calories and starting to sweat. We were laughing and talking, and before you knew it, one hour had passed.

I would definitely give the Wii workout another try.

Gayle Hill is a wonderful friend and a wonderful cook.

She shared her healthy recipe for a delicious salad you can eat as a snack or dress it up with your own extras to be the main course.

Hill calls it simple and simply delicious. Just line your plate with raw spinach, top with sliced strawberries, a sliced boiled egg, blueberries, shredded pepper jack cheese and pecans. Top with a vinaigrette salad dressing and enjoy!

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