Fit Moms KC shows Cynthia how babies weigh-in on their workout

SHAWNEE MISSION, Kan. - New moms who don't want to leave their baby in a gym nursery have another option. I tried it and it was a rigorous routine that made me smile, because I was working out with a baby.

Members of Fit Moms KC were happy to have me to their workout at Shawnee Mission Medical Center.

Janis Ellis Claypool is the director and a Fit Moms KC instructor.

"This workout is targeted for new moms because they have a number of physical concerns," Claypool said. 

"Not only do they want to lose weight, they also have back issues related to the stress of carrying the baby during pregnancy, being up and down all night and putting the baby into and out of the car seat," Claypool explained. "So the Fit Moms workout is targeted to strengthen abs, the back, and biceps."

I decided to give it a try. One of the moms at the workout let me use her baby for a few of the exercises. 

Moms place the babies in carriers that they wear. The baby is like added weight, which intensifies the workout. 

At times, the moms sing nursery rhymes while they exercise to keep their babies entertained.

I placed one-year-old Collin on my legs as I lifted them up and down during a floor exercise.

Colin smiled and looked around and appeared to enjoy the experience. I must say I enjoyed it, too.

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