Hula Hoop has a new look and feel to help you get healthy

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - When I was a child I, loved to hula hoop. But, I haven't done it in years. That changed last Thursday when Donita Crossland, of Overland Park, invited me to her hula hoop workout at Fox Fitness Center for my Newsome Weight Loss Challenge.

The minute I walked in, I noticed that the hula hoop has changed. There's an exercise hula hoop filled with water.  Donita explained the aqua hula hoop helped her lose weight off of her waistline in five weeks.

"This has changed my life," Donita explained. "The fitness hoops weighs just over three pounds."

"I only did the hula hoop for five weeks, 10 minutes a day and I lost 3-inches," she explained.

She handed me one of the hoops and I put it on and gave it a whirl. After two attempts, I was hula hooping again and having fun.

Donita guided me through the process, explaining that how the feet are positioned helps target certain muscles.  There are also smaller hula hoops to exercise and stretch your arms and spine.

I have one of Donita's hula hoops and a measuring tape and over the next five weeks, I will be able to see if a daily 10 minute workout will trim my waist. I'll keep you posted.

For more information on fitness Hula Hoops, you can visit Terri Fox Fitness at 

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