The sky is the only limit with a workout that made me jump into action

SHAWNEE, Kan. - One of my fondest childhood memories is jumping on my bed.  Without fail, my mother would come in and tell me to stop.  

My latest workout took me to a place in Shawnee, Kan., where kids can jump to their hearts content and adults can join in the fun. That place is Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. I tried their SkyRobics Fitness class.

Haley Bray and Ryan Eckert are the SkyRobics instructors who guided me on my high-flying workout.  

It began with a simple jumping warm-up exercise and finished with a side-jumping jacks race around the trampoline.

From the moment I stepped onto the trampoline, I was laughing because jumping is fun and exhilarating and because I was not quite performing the exercises correctly.

Haley Bray called it, "An all-around, all-body workout that doesn't hurt your body and helps you burn lots of calories."

Ryan Eckert explained that it's a unique workout that gets results.

"We combine cardio and resistance training, we do laps and we incorporate the whole body," Eckert said.

I admit that in 15 minutes, I was laughing and sweating and I didn't want to stop.

Sky Zone offers classes for adults and toddlers.  For more information, visit Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park at

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